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What happened to the kingdom of Israel upon the death of Solomon? It was divided into the kingdoms of Israel and Judah.
Why did Jeroboam establish idol worship in the northern kingdom of Israel? So the people wouldn't go to Jerusalem to offer sacrifices
"On Mount Carmel why did Elijah ask God to consume the sacrifice with fire?"
Who were the wicked king and queen of Israel during the time of Elijah? Ahab and Jezebel
Whom did God take directly to heaven in a whirlwind? Elijah
What prophet succeeded Elijah? Elisha
What Syrian officer was healed of leprosy by bathing in the Jordan River at Elisha's command? Naaman
To whom did God give a sign of the sun moving backwards to show him that he was healed? Hezekiah
To what city were many of the people of Judah taken as captives? Babylon
What king of Babylon conquered Jerusalem and the kingdom of Judah? Nebuchadnezzar
"When the people returned to Jerusalem from captivity in Babylon who oversaw the rebuilding of the temple?"
"When the people returned to Jerusalem from captivity in Babylon who oversaw the rebuilding of the walls of the city?"
Who was the Jewish girl who became the wife of the king of Persia? Esther
How did Esther save the lives of the Jewish people? """By asking her husband
What man lost all of his possessions and his health but remained true to God? Job
How did God reward Job for his faithfulnes? God gave him twice as many possessions and as many children as he had had before his trial.
Who was called the weeping prophet? Jeremiah
Who interpreted a famous dream for King Nebuchadnezzar? Daniel
"Why were Shadrach Meshach
What did Daniel do when the king decreed he could no longer pray to his God? He continued to pray just as he always did.
What happened to Daniel when he continued to pray to God instead of to the king? He was cast into the lions' den.
What was the meaning of the handwriting on the wall at Belshazzar's drunken party? That Belshazzar's kingdom was about to be conquered
Who was swallowed by a great fish when he ran away from doing God's will? Jonah
What happened when Jonah preached to the people of Nineveh? The people repented and God forgave them.
Where did Micah say the Messiah would be born? Bethlehem
"According to the prophet Zechariah where will Jesus' feet stand when He returns to the earth?"
Who told Mary she would be the mother of the Messiah? The angel Gabriel
To whom was the virgin Mary engaged to be married? Joseph
"Who were the first persons other than Joseph and Mary
What two groups of men worshiped the Christ child? Shepherds and Wise Men
Who was king over Judea when Jesus was born? Herod
How did the Wise Men find Jesus? They followed His star to where He was.
What gifts were given to Jesus by the Wise Men? """Gold
Where did Jesus live as He was growing up? Nazareth
Whom did God send to prepare the way for Jesus? John the Baptist
About how old was Jesus when He began His public ministry? [About] 30 years old
About how long did Jesus preach and teach before His crucifixion? [About] 3-1/2 years
How did John the Baptist describe the way Jesus would baptize? With the Holy Spirit and with fire
Which of the disciples was a tax collector? Matthew
"After Andrew met Jesus what did he tell his brother Simon?"
What was Jesus' first miracle? Turning water into wine at the wedding in Cana
What ruler of the Jews came to Jesus by night seeking the way to eternal life? Nicodemus
Where did John the Baptist baptize Jesus? In the Jordan River
How did God show His approval of Jesus at His baptism? """(NIV) The Holy Spirit descended on Him and the Father said
"During Jesus' temptation how long did He go without eating?"
Who were the first four apostles Jesus called to follow Him? """Peter
"What do we call the first statements of the Sermon on the Mount which all begin with the word ""blessed""?" [The] Beatitudes
How did Jesus prove His power over nature? By calming a storm on the Sea of Galilee
What strange gift did King Herod give to his stepdaughter? The head of John the Baptist
"What revelation of himself did Jesus give to Peter James
Why did the rich young ruler fail to follow Jesus? He loved the things he owned more than he loved Jesus.
What did Jesus prophesy would happen to the stones of the Temple? Not one stone would be left on another
Which three of the disciples were Jesus' closest friends? """Peter
Who did Jesus say was like the foolish man who built his house upon sand? Those who hear His teachings but do not do them
Who did Jesus say was like the wise man who built his house upon the rock? Those who hear His teachings and do them
"How should we regard our school teachers policemen
"How should we regard our Sunday School teachers pastors
"What does ""intercession"" mean?" To pray to God for someone else
Who intercedes for the Christian? The Holy Spirit and Jesus
What does Romans 8:26 say is the main weakness of our prayers? We don't know what to pray for as we should.
Why should a Christian not marry a person who is not a Christian? Because God's Word says we should not be [unequally] yoked with an unbeliever
Is it a sin to be tempted? """No
"According to First John what are the three common temptations?"
What are the three main sources of temptation? """(NIV) Satan
What part did the Holy Spirit have in creation? The Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.
"Jesus said the Holy Spirit would convict or reprove
"Why does the Holy Spirit convict or reprove
Whom does the Holy Spirit glorify? Jesus [Christ]
What are the continuing spiritual evidences of the Spirit-filled life? Joy and contentment; victory over sin; ability [power] to share the gospel; desire to know God and His Word
The Holy Spirit guides Christians into what? Truth
What part does the Holy Spirit have in our salvation? The Holy Spirit convicts of sin and makes the repentant sinner a new person.
Does the Holy Spirit dwell in every Christian? """Yes
What did Paul tell the Ephesians was the down payment of heaven? The Holy Spirit of promise
Why did Jesus say it was necessary that He go away? So that the Holy Spirit might come
When did God first baptize believers in the Holy Spirit? On the Day of Pentecost
What were Jesus' disciples doing when they were baptized in the Holy Spirit? They were praying.
Is the baptism in the Holy Spirit the same as salvation? """No
What are the purposes of the baptism in the Holy Spirit? To help us know Christ [Jesus] better; to assist us in understanding God's Word; to give us power to witness
What is the initial physical evidence of the baptism in the Holy Spirit? Speaking with other tongues as the Spirit empowers [enables]
Why do we believe that speaking with other tongues is the initial physical evidence of the baptism in the Holy Spirit? Because it is the pattern of the New Testament Church
What is the Church? A body [company] of born-again people who have been called out from the world; who have faith in and give allegiance to the Lord Jesus Christ
What three things does Paul say make up God's kingdom? """Righteousness
Who is the Head of the Church? Jesus [Christ]
Who is the foundation of the Church? Christ [Jesus]
Who are the saints? Born-again Christians
Who builds the Church? Jesus [Christ]
What does the Bible say to do when others pressure us to disobey God? Do not follow others to do what is wrong. Obey God rather than people.
Why should we not drink alcoholic beverages? Wine is a mocker and beer is a brawler. Whoever is led astray by them is not wise.
How can Christians live victoriously over sin? """By yielding to God
What three supernatural things happened on the Day of Pentecost? The sound of a mighty rushing wind was heard. Divided tongues of fire appeared. Disciples spoke in languages they had never learned.
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