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Geography Set 2

Scholar's Bowl QuestionSet 2

In this city, Wissahicken Creek goes through Fairmont Park. This city can be entered by crossing the Delaware on the Betsy Ross Bridge. One of its buildings is where the Second Continental Congress wrote the Declaration of Independence. What is this city? Philadelphia
Name the country on the Horn of Africa that is considered a failed state for its inability to control a civil war for its territory or piracy in its waters Somalia
The Shinto religion is practiced by inhabitants in this country Japan
The deepest part of this body of water is known as "Calypso Deep" Major cities on this body of water include Ajaccio, Palermo, and Beruit. Islands include Cyprus, Crete, and Sicily. Name this body of water found in Europe and Africa Mediterranean Sea
What is the name of the island that shares the two countries of Haiti and the Dominican Republic? Hispaniola
Maurice Ravel's "Bolero" and Bizet's "Carmen" are operas from this country Spain
The Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty approved construction of this waterway. An 1971 agreement between US president Jimmy Carter and Omar Torrijos resulted with the return of a special zone. Name this waterway that connects the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean Panama Canal
The Statue of Liberty was a gift to America from this country thanking the US for its cooperation during the American Revolution France
This is the longest river of its nation after the Severn. Name this river that passes through Oxford on its route to the North Sea in London Thames
The novels "Absalom Absalom!" and "As I Lay Dying" are set in this US State Mississippi
El Greco painted a city from this country in his "View of Toledo". Name this country the home of El Greco, Salvador Dali, and Pablo Piccasso Spain
In 1297, this kingdom defended its freedom at Stirling Bridge by routing a surrounded English army. This kingdoms forces at Stirling Bridge were led by William Wallace Kingdom of Scotland
In what ocean is the island of Sri Lanka located? Indian Ocean
This country's province of Bataan was the starting point of a namesake "death march" during World War II Philippines
Damascus is the capital of what Middle Eastern country? Syria
Name the country that makes the Kia car South Korea
This international organization has 6 principal agencies including the General Assembly and the Security Council. What is the name of the organization that was established in 1945 after World War II to replace the League of Nations? United Nations
Former President Bill Clinton was from this US state Arkansas
The large rock where John Aldean the first pilgrim stepped is called Plymouth Rock
Which US state is the "Show Me State" where the Ozark Mts are located? Missouri
Where is the Mountain K-2 located? Border of Pakistan and China
This island is the 4th largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is located west of Italy, southeast of France, and north of Sardinia. What is the name of this island, the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte? Corsica
What is the capital of Finland? Helsinki
In 1513, Ponce De Leon landed in Florida and claimed it for Spain. In which city was the oldest permanent European settlement in the US? St Augustine
This is an African American holiday celebrated in December Kwanzaa
This is the capital of Malaysia and its largest city Kuala Lumpur
This is the official language of Brazil Portuguese
This state is the setting for the Karen Hesse's book "Out of the Dust" Oklahoma
This state is the setting for Harper Lee's novel "To Kill A Mockingbird" Alabama
In what historic village near Pine Ridge Reservation was the last major battle fought between the Lakota Sioux and U.S. Troops? Wounded Knee
Robin Hood and his band of Merrymen lived in the fictional.... Sherwood Forest
A low, nearly flat triangular shaped plain of deposits at the mouth of a river is called a.... Delta
This European city is famous for its systems of medieval catacombs and contains the Moulin Rouge a famous nightclub. This city is the home of the Louvre and is bisected by the Seine River. Name this city the capital of France Paris
In what city and country is the Uffizi Gallery located? Florence, Italy
This city is home to the Gateway Arch and Busch Stadium St. Louis (Missouri)
This archipelagic nation features the islands of Java, Sumatra, Borneo, and Bali Indonesia
What is the capital of Canada? Ottawa
In which two states is the Hoover Dam located? Nevada and Arizona
From what country did Mexico gain its independence on September 16, 1810? Spain
What is the name of the hill upon which the Parthenon is located in Greece? Acropolis
What sea is bounded by Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark? Baltic Sea
In what country is the "Christ the Redeemer" statue located? Brazil
This country's capital is Phnom Penh and is the site of the ancient Khmer ruin of Angkor Wat. It was also the site of the Killing Fields under Pol Pot. Cambodia
This nation's first Prime Minister was Edmond Barton. This nation's government removed native children from their families thus creating Stolen Generations. Identify this nation and former British penal colony with a capital of Canberra? Australia
Name the largest city in Ohio located on Lake Erie Cleveland
This city's river is dyed green every year on St Patrick's Day. The city's Millennium Park contains the sculpture known as the Bean. The city's tallest tower is the Wills Towers (formerly known as the Sear's Tower). Name this largest city in Illinois. Chicago
In what Spanish city would you find the cathedral called La Sagrada Familia designed by the famous architect Antoni Gaudi? Barcelona
In what country would you find the huge plateau called the Deccan that is located in the southern portion of its peninsula section? India
What is the Month, and Year that JFK was assassinated along with the place November 1963 in Dallas Texas
Where is the National Park of Carlsbad Caverns located? New Mexico
This ancient city fought against Spain and Sicily. The greatest general won victories after bringing Elephants across the ALPS. Name this city state that was defeated by Rome during the Punic Wars whose leader was Hannibal Carthage
Grand Teton National Park is located in what state? Wyoming
During the Texas Revolution this landmark served as a stronghold for the Texian defenders. What is the name of this mission that was the site of Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie's death? The Alamo
Flanders field is a US military cemetery in which lay the bodies of 368 WWI veterans. It was commemorated by Canadian Lt. Col John McCrae in his famous poem "In Flanders Field". In what country is this cemetery located? Belgium
In the 18th century, this city was home to the notorious pirate Blackbeard. What is the name of this city that is now the Bahamian capital? Nassau
Name the island where Al Capone spend the majority of the 1930's Alcatraz
In 1838 and 1839, as part of Andrew Jackson's Indian removal policy, the Cherokee nation was forced to give up its lands east of the Mississippi river and migrate to present day Oklahoma. What name was given to this journey where 4,000 Native Am died? Trail of Tears
Fern Lodge was a favorite spot for John Muir and Ansel Adams to view this famous waterfall. Identify this famous three stage waterfall in California Yosemite Falls
What is the capital of Switzerland? Bern
What is the capital of Lithuania? Vilnius
This is the point that marks the northern boundary of the Drake Passage and was named after a Dutch town. It is really part of the Tierra del Fuego archipelago of southern Chile. What is South America's most southern point? Cape Horn
In 1776, the founders of the US chose a bald eagle as a symbol of the new nation but Ben Franklin wanted this bird as the symbol of the US Turkey
What Dutch city is home to the International Court of Justice or World Court as it sometimes called? The Hague
What state's southern border is considered the Mason-Dixon Line? Pennsylvania
What is the capital of Brazil? Brasilia
What is the capital of Argentina? Buenos Aires
What is the name of the largest group of coral reefs off the coast of Australia? Great Barrier Reef
Oceania is the name given to many groups of thousands of islands in which body of water? Pacific Ocean
Which of the original 13 colonies was founded by the Calvert's a wealthy family of English Roman Catholics? Maryland
What two states claim the first official Mardi Gras? Louisiana and Alabama
Which two states claim the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island? New York and New Jersey
Canadian territory of the Klondike Gold Rush in 1897 Yukon Terrirtory
What four US capitals are named after US Presidents? Madison WI, Lincoln NE, Jackson MS, Jefferson City Missouri
This European city was mostly destroyed by a great fire in 1666 London
This is the ancient Celtic language of Scotland which is still spoken today Gaelic
Scottish families are called..... Clans
Identify the Athens gymnasium where Plato first taught. Academy
US city virtually destroyed by a great fire in 1871 supposedly by Mrs. O'Leary's cow knocking over an oil lamp Chicago
The first national park in the US (1872) Yellowstone
Which 3 countries are known as the Benelux? Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg
What Spanish city is the setting the Opera "Carmen"? Seville
In what country did the Battle of Marathon take place and how far did Pheidippides run to achieve the victory? Who was Greece at war with at the time? Greece/he ran about 25 miles and then collapsed and died. Greece was at war with Persia
In which country was there a system of racial segregation and white supremacy from 1948-1991 and by what name was this policy of segregation known as? South Africa/Apartheid
Name the 5 members of the United Nations Security Council US, Russia, China, Great Britain, France
About which country was Winston Churchill referring to in 1939 when unable to forecast its actions, described it as "a riddle wrapped in a mystery like an enigma"? Russia
This was the first state to ratify the US Constutiton Delaware
This Asian city is the largest cargo port in the world and is located in the mouth of the Yangtze River. It is the largest city in China with a population of over 20 million. What is the name of this city? Shanghai
In what US state is Brooks Range located? Alaska
What US state was once nicknamed the Hog and Hominy state? Tennessee
The Statue of Liberty wears a crown that has 7 points. What do these points represent? The 7 Continents
The Pacific Ring of Fire includes over 160 active volcanoes. One such volcano is located in the Cascades Ranges and is famous for an eruption in 1980. What is the name of this volcano that killed 57 Washington State residents? Mount St. Helens
In what US state was President Lyndon B. Johnson born? Texas
The words "Commonwealth" and the inscription "Virtue, Liberty, and Independence" are written on which US States coin? Pennsylvannia
What is the only Central American country that does not border the Caribbean Sea? El Salvador
What ethnic group settled in Louisiana starting in the late 1700's and is known for its distinctive cuisine, music, and dialect? Cajuns
What is the term for an isolated mountain peak that rises from the ocean floor but remains submerged? Seamount
A fault that occurs when rocks on both sides of the fault move horizontally with respect to each other is called a.... Strike Slip
What mountain range in Morocco was named after the Greek Titan who dared to take sides against Zeus in the civil war of the gods and was forced to carry the weight of the earth on his shoulders forever as punishment? Atlas
In what US state is the Little Bighorn Monument located? Montana
In what US state would you find the Gila Cliff Dwellings? Arizona
What state is known as the "Grand Canyon State" ? Arizona
What country in the Middle East is slightly larger than Alaska and was known as Persia until 1935 before becoming an Islamic Republic in 1979? Iran
In what national park can you find Tower Falls, Mammoth Hot Springs, Steamboat Geyser, and Old Faithful? Yellowstone
This bay is the largest estuary in the United States and measures 200 miles long. What bay divides Maryland into two parts? Chesapeake Bay
What state was the 2nd to ratify the US Constitution 5 days after Delaware? Pennsylvania
The capital of South Dakota is... Pierre
The capital of the Czech Republic is.... Prague
This Italian city is famous for its Leaning Tower Pisa
This European city is known as the "City of Lights" Paris
In what home city does the Pistons play? Detroit
This state's quarter has a large star on it and is called "The Lone Star State" Texas
There is a space shuttle near the top of this state's quarter because Cape Canaveral was the launch site for US manned space missions. Florida
The Great Sandy Desert and the Great Victoria deserts are located on which continent? Australia
This English town's cliffs were allegedly left white with soap when Alfred Stormalong's ship scraped by. Dover
This archipelago nation contains the islands of Java, Sumatra, Borneo, and Bali. It's capital is Jakarta. Indonesia
This land mass lies east of the Suez Canal and the Ural Mountains. It contains 60% of the world's population. What is the largest continent in the world comprising 9% of the world's total land area? Asia
What state is nicknamed "The Green Mountain State"? Vermont
Both Plato and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle have written about what vast island continent that according to legend was submerged under the ocean in 9560 B.C.? Atlantis
The Alps cover over 60% of this country and over half the peaks are 4,000 meters high. What is the name of this country that borders France, Italy, and Austria and whose capital is Bern? Switzerland
What Central American country is the most densely populated? Guatemala
With what South American country did the U.S. first attempt to negotiate a treaty under which the Panama Canal would be built? Colombia
Golda Meir was the first female prime minister of what country? Israel
The spinning jenny was a major contribution during the Industrial Revolution. In what country was it invented? England
Dikes along rivers are called ... levees
This city in upstate New York, just downstream from Niagara Falls, annually gets feet of snow caused by Lake Erie. This city has the second most people in New York, after NYC. Buffalo
John Brown also participated in the Pottawatomie Creek Massacre, part of a conflict between supporters and opponents of slavery in this “Bleeding” state. Kansas
Hilo, Oahu, Kilouea are cities in what US State? Hawaii
Impressionists like Edgar Degas and Pierre Auguste Renoir hailed from this European nation. A Post-Impressionist from this country was Paul Cézanne. France
Nickname of Louisiana because of its many marshy slow moving inlets Bayou State
Capital of the "Cornhusker State" (starts with L) Lincoln (Nebraska)
Country freed from Iraq by Operation Desert Storm in 1991 (starts with K) Kuwait
Sacred Muslim shrine at Mecca (Starts with K) Kaaba Stone
Former name of the Asian country of Cambodia (Starts with K) Kampuchea
African desert partly located in Botswana (Starts with K) Kalahari
Hill on which Jesus was crucified (Starts with c) Calvary
Name given to the Louisiana descendants of the French settlers from the Ascadian region of Eastern Canada (Starts with c) Cajuns
Large Indonesian island or any coffee (Starts with J) Java
Mideast country of King Hussein I with Amman its capital (starts with J) Jordan
Country whose name is included in the name of the Hoosier State (Starts with I) Indiana
US state whose name is included in the name of its capital (Starts with I) Indianoplis Indiana
Minnesota Lake that is the source of the Mississippi River (Starts with I) Itasca
North Atlantic island that is the westenmost country of Europe (Starts with i) Iceland
Peninsula on which Spain is located (Starts with i) Iberian
The Ellsworth Mountains in this landmass are bounded to the north by the Bellingshausen Sea. The Russian-owned Vostok Station can be found in Princess Elizabeth Land in this continent. it has the largest desert in the world. Name this cold continent. Antartica
The Pacific plate is surrounded by a zone of active underwater volcanoes commonly referred to by this 3 word phrase. Ring of Fire
French is the official language of this largest and most populous island of French Polynesia. Tahiti
Located near the Euphrates River, this ancient wonder of the world was built by King Nebuchadnezzar II to help cure Amytis’ homesickness for Media’s natural beauty. Hanging Gardens of Babylon
Constructed by Sostratos during Ptolemy II’s reign, this ancient wonder of the world was located on the island of Pharos, and helped guide ships in the Nile River out of the harbor. Lighthouse of Alexandria
British troops burned Washington in retaliation for an attack on this territory that was meant to limit supplies to the Niagara peninsula. Name this former territory of British North America, land that became America’s northern neighbor Canada
In this city, hundreds of stone lions line a bridge named for Marco Polo. In a photo taken in this city , a man stands in front of a line of tanks in Tiananmen Square. The Forbidden City, the former home of the Emperor, is in what capital of China? Bejing
The Wright Brothers successfully tested their airplane in 1903 on this east coast state’s Outer Banks in the city of Kitty Hawk. North Carolina
This city’s downtown area is home to a Freedom Trail, where tourists can visit Paul Revere's House, Faneuil Hall, and the Old North Church. Colleges in and around this city include MIT and Harvard. What is this capital city of Massachusetts? Boston
This country's colonial empire included Angola & Mozambique &forts to protect Indian trade in Goa & Mumbai. Name this European country that sponsored caravel voyages by Vasco da Gama & Pedro Cabral, but not Christopher Columbus during the Age of Discovery Portugal
Portugal’s colonies in the New World included the eastern coast of this modern-day country, gained in the Treaty of Tordesillas . Today, this South American country’s official language is still Portuguese Brazil
The Nazca plains and Atacama Desert are among the incredibly dry regions west of this South American mountain range, the longest continental range in the world. Andes Mountains
Balshar -al -Assad is the dictator of this Middle Eastern country, where protests began in the capital city, Damascus. Syria
One section of this river separates the neighborhoods of Foggy Bottom and Georgetown from Rosslyn in Arlington County. Name this river, which flows past Ronald Reagan National Airport south of the Lincoln Memorial. Potomac
The Potomac River ultimately flows into this bay, bounded on the east by the Delmarva Peninsula. Cities on its northern shores include Annapolis and Baltimore. Chesapeake River
A religion in this country practices Harae which involves washing away sin with water. Monks in this country created rock gardens to aid them in their meditations. Temples are fronted by red gates called torii . Zen Buddhism & Shinto are found where? Japan
The Strait of Hormuz is the only route for ships to leave this body of water and enter the Indian Ocean. Name this body of water, in which the island country of Bahrain lies. Persian Gulf
The Blue Mosque in Istanbul has six of these towers. In many mosques, muezzins call out the adhan-the call to worship-from these tall, thin towers Minaret
This university in Massachusetts, whose leaders have included Increase Mather and Charles Eliot, is the oldest American university Harvard
This continent is home to the Drakensberg, a 600 mile long formation in the Great Escarpment, and Mount Kenya, which features over a dozen peaks. Name this continent whose highest peak, Kilimanjaro, stands over Tanzania Africa
The northernmost land action of the Civil War took place in this state, when Confederate soldiers raided the city of St. Albans. Name this New England state, the home of the Green Mountains and the cities of Burlington and Montpelier Vermont
In 1989, this physical barrier dividing the east and west halves of a German city was opened after 28 years Berlin Wall
This iron structure was built for the 1889 World’s Fair. It remains the world’s most visited monument and the tallest structure in Paris. Eiffel Tower
When Seattle hosted the 1962 World’s Fair, they commissioned this 600 foot tall observation tower, painted in “Astronaut White.” Space Needle
The Crazy Horse memorial is being built in this state’s Black Hills, a short drive from Mount Rushmore. South Dakota
This Japanese climbing vine was introduced to the US in the 19th century and quickly “took over” the American South. Kudzu
This place was formerly a U.S. military building called Fort Gibson. About 5,000 people a day passed through this place in New York near the Statue of Liberty, Name this immigration station from the early 20th century. Ellis Island
Elijah travels to this mountain after fleeing Jezebel. Moses had received the Ten Commandments at this mountain. Mount Horeb
Which of the 48 contiguous U.S. states has the fewest people? Wyoming
What French port did 200,000 British troops flee on June 4, 1940 during WWII? Dunkirk
American city in which “West Egg” and “East Egg” are fictional parts of Long Island in the The Great Gatsby New York
George Washington was forced to leave this city & hold meetings in Germantown due to a 1793 yellow fever outbreak. This city’s Gazette & University were founded by Ben Franklin. The Declaration of Independence was signed in what Pennsylvania city? Philadelphia
Only two states do not have a winner-take-all system for allocating their electoral votes for the presidency. Name either. Nebraska and Maine
South of the states of New South Wales and Victoria is this Australian island-state, named for a Dutch explorer. Tasmania
Small county bordered by Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon headed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Starts with I) Israel
North Atlantic Island that is the westernrmost country of Europe (Starts with I) Iceland
State in which the Carters of the Moon National Monument is located (Starts with I) Idaho
Country whose capital is Tehran Iran
Imaginary north-south line that runs along the 180th meridian in the Pacific Ocean (Starts with I) International Date Line
Country whose capital is Dublin Ireland
US state who name is included in the name of the capital Indianapolis
State whose capital is Boise Idaho
Large Indonesian island or any coffee (Starts with J) Java
Mideast country of King Hussein I with Amman as its capital Jordan
Country in the West Indies whose capital is Kingston Jamaica
US City in which the Gator Bowl is played (Starts with J) Jacksonville
Brazilian city whose name literally means "River of January" Rio de Janeiro
Name this city, whose elected officials included tribunes, quaestors, praetors, and censors. This city’s inhabitants spread out over the Italian peninsula, displacing the Etruscans and Gauls. Rome
Rome’s enemy during the Punic Wars was this Phoenician city-state, originally founded as a colony of Tyre. This city was destroyed at the conclusion of the Third Punic War Carthage
The Church of the Nativity was constructed in this city to commemorate the birthplace of Jesus. Upon arriving in this city for a census, Joseph and Mary were turned away from all of the inns. Bethlehem
Although Bethlehem was Joseph’s childhood home, Jesus grew to adulthood in this Galilean city, the hometown of Mary Nazareth
Island that makes up the ABC Islands with Bonaire and Curacao Aruba
James Tallmadge wrote that slavery in this state would exist, but eventually die away.Name this state, the subject of an 1820 compromise that allowed this state to have slavery as long as every new state north and west of it entered as a free state. Missouri
The Missouri Compromise also admitted this free state to the Union, keeping a North/South balance in the Senate. This state had previously been Massachusetts’ territory. Maine
Teenagers on the island of T’au in this body of water were studied by Margaret Mead. Thor Heyerdahl’s raft Kon-Tiki crossed this ocean in a test of Polynesian technology. Coming of Age in Samoa studied island residents of what ocean? Pacific Ocean
A key aspect of the Anaconda Plan was to take complete control of the Mississippi River by seizing this city. David Farragut captured this city without a fight; as a result, historic buildings in its French Quarter survived the war New Orleans
Centuries ago, Adam’s Bridge was a land connection linking Sri Lanka to this subcontinent, now the second-most populous country in the world. India Indian subcontinent)
The distinctive pyramidal peak of the Matterhorn resulted from many of these objects moving simultaneously. Name these heavy, slow-moving masses that can carve sharp ridges called cirques into mountains. Some disappeared at the end of the last ice age. glaciers
Peter the Great ruled as Tsar of this country, which he led into the Great Northern War with Sweden Russia
August Spies was executed in this city for his role in the Haymarket Square bombing. In 1871, Mrs O’Leary’s cow legendarily started a “Great” fire in, what largest city of Illinois? Chicago
In 2009, this city’s CN Tower lost its title as tallest tower in the world. This city, often nicknamed “the Six,” lies on the northwest shore of a Great Lake named for its Canadian province. Name this most populous city in Ontario and all of Canada. Toronto
In 1992, 63 people died during the Rodney King race riots in this city, and looting was particularly bad in this city’s Koreatown neighborhood. Los Angeles
Wayne Morse was one senator to oppose a law, named after this body of water that granted LBJ the power to deploy American troops in Southeast Asia. The Turner Joy & the Maddox were attacked by torpedo boats in what gulf off the coast of North Vietnam? Gulf of Tonkin
The Bozeman Trail connected Wyoming to this state, where the 7th Cavalry was destroyed in 1876 by a Native American coalition that included Sitting Bull & Crazy Horse. Name this state where the Battle of Little Bighorn was fought near Billings Montana
Only one of our fifty states was an independent country, recognized by the United States, before it became a state. Name it. Texas
What famous landmark was re-erected at Lake Havasu City, Arizona? London Bridge
If you have ever been to the national capital building in Washington, D.C., you have probably stood in the circular hall under the massive central dome. What is this interior space called? Rotunda
What is the name of Elvis Presley's mansion in Memphis Tennessee? Graceland
It's the most widely spoken first language in Israel Hebrew
This sport uses a ball that was once made from pig stomach; bathing caps are needed too water polo
In 2013 Queen Beatrix of this country abdicated in favor of her son, Prince Willem-Alexander The Netherlands
No roads lead into this state capital of Alaska Juneau
The largest peninsula on earth is mostly made up of this Middle Eastern country Saudi Arabia
277 miles long & often 1 mile deep, it's the largest gorge in the U.S. of A. Grand Canypn
The Nile is longer, but in terms of volume, this is the world's largest river Amazon
Created in 1953, a 487-square-mile demilitarized zone separates this Asian country from its southern neighbor North Korea
The English Channel & the Strait of Dover connect this body of water with the Atlantic Ocean The North Sea
This mountain range is home to Pike’s Peak and Banff National Park. Name this mountain range that runs from British Columbia to New Mexico. Rocky Mountains
One of this project’s longtime benefactors was Leland Stanford. Name this major network that was completed at Promontory Point, Utah. Its construction was aided in part by a mass influx of Cantonese immigrant workers First Transcontinental Railroad
The Massacre of Martin’s Hundred in Virginia occurred near this first permanent English settlement in America that suffered during the Starving Time. Jamestown
Lake Okeechobee borders the northern part of this area. Thousands of invasive Burmese pythons have been captured here. Name this area in South Florida which contains millions of acres of protected marshes and wetlands. Florida Everglades
This mountain’s Kibo crest is a volcanic peak which is said to have destroyed a Maasai village. This mountain’s namesake National Park is near the city of Mochi and the border with Kenya. Name this tallest mountain in Africa. Mount Kilimanjaro
An aerial campaign over this city led to the destruction of Kaiser Wilhelm Church. This city was the site of a blockade and subsequent airlift known as Operation Vittles. Name this city that was divided by a namesake wall during the Cold War Berlin
This city is home to the Ace Chemicals building. Roman Sionis leads a crime syndicate in this city dominated by the Maroni and Falcone crime families.This is what fictional New Jersey town famously patrolled by Batman? Gotham
After a “fire hose” spouted lava into the ocean in 2017 from this volcano, it began in 2018 to erupt on a large scale, with rifts opening up all across its island. Mt. Kilauea (Hawaii)
In 2018, archaeologists found the remains of a man who escaped the destruction in this city only to be crushed by a boulder. Name this Roman city whose remains were preserved after it was covered by ash from the eruption of Mount Vesuvius & Herculaneum/ Pompeii
Who is the only athlete ever to play in a Super Bowl and a World Series? Deion Sanders
The "Lone Star" state is which states slogan? Texas
Which German city endured the worst bombing of World War Two in February 1945 Dresden
In the Lion King, where does Mufasa and his family live? Pride Rock
According to the old proverb, to which European capital city do all roads lead? Rome
What is the name of the city where the cartoon family The Simpsons live? Springfield
London in 1851; Paris in 1889; Chicago in 1893; Buffalo in 1901; St. Louis in 1904; Chicago again in 1933-34; New York in 1939-40; Seattle in 1962; etc These were the sites and dates of what international exposition? World's Fair
] An unfinished monument to this Lakota chief lies near Mount Rushmore. This man was imprisoned at Fort Robinson after having led the forces that defeated Custer at the Battle of Little Bighorn Crazy Horse
This site contains a chamber called the Hall of Records that contains 16 porcelain enamel panels depicting the history of this site. Name this South Dakota monument that contains the heads of 4 US presidents carved into a mountain in the Black Hills Mount Rushmore National Memorial
These waterfalls, which collectively have the highest flow rate in the world, can be found on the Canada–United States border. These waterfalls can be viewed from boat tours on the Maid of the Mist. Niagara Falls
Originating in Germany, the Danube River empties into what sea? Black Sea
A wombat is a marsupial native to what country? Austraila
Established in the 1920s, what historic double-digit highway connected Chicago and Los Angeles? Route 66
Ancient Carthaginians and the Greek city-states led by Syracuse fought for control over this island from 600-250 BC. Name this Mediterranean island whose major cities include Palermo and Messina that was granted autonomy in a 1946 referendum. Sicily
This second most commonly spoken language in Kenya after Swahili and is an official language there, as well as in neighboring Tanzania and Uganda English
This largest freshwater lake by volume can be found in Russia. It is also the world’s deepest, at over a mile deep. Lake Baikal
This city-state’s militaristic society held a class of slaves called helots. It was a frequent adversary of Athens. Sparta
Frida Kahlo, as well as her husband Diego Rivera, was from this country. She painted “Four Inhabitants” of the country which include a skeleton symbolic of The Day of the Dead. Mexico
When in Mecca, salah involves praying facing this black granite structure which contains a meteorite which Muslims believe was placed there by Abraham and Ishmael Kaaba Stone
The Zero Mile Post can be found in this city, which in 1836 became the end of the Western & Atlantic Railroad. John Pemberton established the Coca-Cola company in this city, which hosted the 1996 Summer Olympics. Name this capital of Georgia. Atlanta
What river became the southern boundary of Texas according to the terms of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo? A. Gila B. Pecos C. Orinoco D. Colorado E. Rio Grande Rio Grande
The name for what land form is derived from Latin words which mean "almost an island"? peninsula
Which country is in both Asia Minor and Europe? A. Iran B. Egypt C. Latvia D. Turkey E. Thailand Turkey
In which location could you see a manatee? B. Arizona deserts C. Florida estuaries D. Rocky Mountain taiga E. Pacific Northwest coastlands Florida estuaries
Immediately after leaving the Mississippi River, the Lewis and Clark expedition followed what river to the west? Missouri River
What is always present in the immediate vicinity of an estuary? B. peninsula C. river mouth D. lateral moraine E. mountain range river mouth
Geologists believe that, during the last ice age, the Bering Strait was the site of a(n) ... A. delta B. land bridge C. barrier reef D. immense atoll E. continental shelf land bridge
Which landform may consist almost entirely of calcium carbonate skeletons? A. reefs B. dikes C. deltas D. cirques E. calderas reefs
The term was derived from a Choctaw word for "river," and means swampy backwaters of a river or lake. Name these areas common along the U.S. Gulf coast and lowland areas near the Mississippi River. bayous
In December, 1860, an event occurred which lead eventually to the Civil War: what was the first state to secede from the Union? South Carolina
What is the most spoken language in the world? Chinese


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