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Clin Med 208: Drugs

What dose of Chlorpromazine will lead to retinal toxicity? >1-2 grams/day
What dose of Thioridazine will lead to retinal toxicity? >800 mg/day
Phenothiazine toxicity can cause what ocular complications? Blurred vision, dyschromatopsia, nyctalopia, RPE alterations, geographic atrophy
What area of retina is lost first in phenothiazine toxicity? Photoreceptors
What part of body do talc particles come from? Lung
What dose of Tamoxifen can lead to retinopathy? 1 year of therapy with >100 grams
What is the difference between talc and drusen? Drusen not found IN blood vessels
What is Chloroquine used for? Malaria
What is hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) used for?? Collagen vascular diseases (lupus, RA)
Symptoms of chloroquine/Plaquenil toxicity Paracentral scotoma, loss of acuity, nyctalopia
What is the pattern of atrophy and pigmenation in chloroquine/plaquenil toxicity? Bull's Eye Pattern
What drugs can cause CME? Epinephrine, Latanoprost (prostaglandins), Nicotinic Acid
What is siderosis (iron toxicity) commonly the result of? Penetrating injury with a metallic foreign body
Ocular symptoms of siderosis loss of pigmentation of RPE, pale disc, attenuated retinal vessels, Iris heterochromia, Hudson-Stahli line
Drugs causing Aminoglycoside Toxicity Gentamicin, Amikacin, Tobramycin
What affect do allergy medications have on the eye? A weak, atropine-like action. Long-term use can cause anisocoria, decr.accommodation and blurred VA
Whorl-like keratopathy is caused by what three meds? Chloroquine, Indomethacin, Amiodarone
People who are taking Amiodarone have risk factors for _____ AION
Ask patients on Anticoagulants about ___ INR
An INR of 2 means close to a clot
An INR of 3 means too thin
What range should INR be in? 2-3
What are the ocular symptoms of antidepressants? Blurred vision, mydriasis, photophobia, dry eye, unilateral ptosis
Ethambutol is known to cause unilateral or bilateral optic neuritis (also VF and color defects)
#1 drug for scleritis Indomethacin (Indocin)
Ocular symptoms of Indocin OPTIC NEURITIS, blurred vision, corneal toxicity, pseudotumor cerebri, photosensitive
What are the ocular symptoms of Fosamax? Inflammation occurs within 1 week of starting drug, Anterior Uveitis within 24-48 hours of use. Episcleritis and Scleritis within 1 week of use.
Interferon is used to treat what conditions? Leukemia, Hepatitis B and C, malignant melanoma and MS
What signs will you see in the posterior pole as a result of Interferon treatment? Cotton wool spots and hemorrhages
Which type of Interferon causes more retinopathy? alpha
Interferon retinopathy looks like like _____ Diabetic Retinopathy
What is the hallmark sign of Methotrexate? Periorbital edema (swollen lids)
Radiation retinopathy can occur up to __ years after treatment 7 years
Radiation retinopathy looks like ____ Diabetic Retinopathy
Hallmark sign of Cyclophosphamide (Cytoxan)? Severe dry eye
Premarin/Prempro can cause what ocular symptoms? Dry eye and pseudotumor
Birth control pills can cause ..... PTC, hypercoagulable state (Factor V mutation) carotid arterial dissection
Viagra can cause what ocular symptoms? Bluish tint to vision, photophobia, AION
Lithium is known to cause _____ PTC
Side effects of radiation trichiasis, epiphoria, ectropion, dry eye, iritis, cataract
What are the 2 main Phenothiazine drugs? Mellaril and Thorazine
Created by: LaurenLofdahl