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Rutiri - HTML

HTML & Advanced HTML Exam

What is a worldwide collection of computer networks that links together millions of computers used by businesses, the government, educational institutions, organizations, and individuals using modems, telephone lines, television cables. Internet
What is a company that has a permanent connection to the Internet backbone? ISP (Internet Service Provider)
What is a group of two or more computers that are connected together to share resources and information. Network
What is the part of the Internet that supports multimedia and consists of a collection of linked documents. World Wide Web
This is a set of rules for exchanging text, graphic, sound, video, and other multimedia files. Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
A _______________ is a related collection of Web pages that is created and maintained by an individual, company, educational institution, or other organization. Web site
This is the first document users see when they access the Web site. Home page
This is where web pages are stored and sends requested Web pages and other files. Web server
What is it called when copying Web pages and other files to a Web server? Publishing
What is a program that interprets and displays Web pages and enables you to view and interact with a Web page. Web browser
This is the address of a document or other file accessible on the Internet. Uniform Resource Locator (URL)
Web pages are created which is authoring language used to create documents on the WWW. Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)
HTML uses a set of special instructions called _____________ to define the structure and layout of a Web document. Tags
What is an example of a text editor? Notepad
What program allows WYSIWYG that provides a graphical user interface that allows a developer to preview the Web page during its development? Adobe Dreamweaver CS3
The web site should be tested at various stages and what are some steops to test the content and functionality? Checking spelling, grammar, links, graphics, and printing.
When you open notepad and enter text, you check to see if this feature is enabled? Word wrap
What is the first tag to tell the browser which HTML or XHTML version and type the document uses? <!DOCTYPE>
What is the second tag and the start and end of an HTML document? <html> </html>
What is the tag which indicates the start and end of a section of the document used for the title and other document header information? <head> </head>
What is the tag to start and end a title? <title> </title>
What is the tag to indicate the start and end of the Web page body? <body> </body>
What is the tag to start a new paragraph? <p> </p>
What is the tag for and unordered list? <ul> </ul>
What is the tag for a horizontal rule? <hr />
What is the tag to insert a line break? <br />
What is the range for heading sizes? <h1> to <h6>
What is the heading size for largest? <h1>
What is the tag for definition list? <dl> </dl>
What attribute is used to define the URL of the image to load? src
What is used in the tag bracket to indicate it is an ending tag? (/) forward slash
What is the name of a tag that is enclosed inside another set of tags? Nested
A Web page's ______________ is the text and HTML commands used to create that page. Source code
What are the three main parts of an HTML document? header, body, and DTD
This attribute lets you change the background color of the Web page. bgcolor
Which tag set marks the beginning and end of a table area? <TABLE> </TABLE>
HTML are not case sensitive? True
The space between a cell border and the cell's contents is what? Cell padding
Which attribute within a <TD> tag set merges cells horizontally? colspan
Which attribute do you use to merge cells vertically? rowspan
An HTML tag consists of text that appears between two angle brackets? (< >)
An ___________ tag is used to create links? anchor
All text on a Web page automatically aligns to the ____________ margin. left
A(n) _______________ link is text a user clicks to activate a hyperlink. text
Adding a ________________ to your Web page adds visual interest and helps separate items on a page. border
A header _______________ contains titles for each row in table. column
A ______________ row contains titles for each columnin a table. header
No matter how many spaces, Tab keys, or Enter keys you place between words in HTML code, the browser will display how many spaces? It will only display a single space.
What is the HTML code to give you space around an image when using text? hspace="20"
This allows you to organize information on a Web page using HTML tags. Tables
Created by: eva_rutiri