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The statement to approve or disapprove an aircraft for return to service can be found where? FAR part 43
A summary of work performed that is deemed a major repair would be recorded on what form? FAA form 337
Which FAR part details the certification for products and parts? FAR part 21
When must an AD be complied with? As detailed in the AD
What publication would be referenced to determine if a specific propeller can be installed on a specific plane? TCDS
What technical data details the requirements of a 100-hour inspection? FAR part 91
Annual inspections are due no later than when? last day of the month the last inspection was performed
What must be done if a defect is found during a 100-hour inspection? provide owner with written notice
Scope and detail of an annual inspection can be found where? FAR part 43 Appendix D
FAR part 43.13(b) says maintenance must be performed to what standard? The maintenance performed will be at least equal to its original or properly altered condition
What happens to AD compliance records when an aircraft is sold? Must be transferred with sale
What is form 8100-2 used for? operation of type certificated aircraft
What does the airworthiness limitation section provide? the instructions for continued airworthiness
What is considered approved data for performing a major repair to an engine? manufacturers instructions
What must be done after performing 100-hour inspection? make logbook entry
Placards required on an aircraft are specified in TCDS
Who may perform instrument repairs? repair station
Who has authorization to perform a 100-hour inspection? A&P
FAR part 183 details what? rights and privileges of a DME
Who is authorized to approve for return to service a minor alteration? A&P
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