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History Ch 4

Patrick Henry He was a patriot and he predicted that the independence issue was going to turn into violence.
Who was the commander of the 2nd Continental Army? George Washington
Where was the Battle of Bunker Hill actually fought? Breed's Hill
How did the French Navy help the colonists? They brought ships and experienced sailors.
Desribe the average age of the Patriot Troops, what the battle conditions were, and how long they had enlisted. young less than 16, harsh conditions, shortages of food and clothing, and about a year.
Who was John Paul Jones? (Outlaw from Scotland) became a navel hero.
Why did the British decided to start fightin in the south? Northern colonies were proving to be scrappy/agressive fighters.
What style of fighting did the patriots switch to when the old ways weren't working? "Guerrilla Warfare" hit and run tactics.
What event happened that caused the first meeting of the Continental Congress? Clossing of Boston Harbor
Where were the stockpile of wapons stored that the British went searching for? Near Concord, Boston
Who were the Sons of Liberty? A secret society that used violence to frighten tax collectors.
During the Battle of Lexington, why did the captain tell the soldiers to not shoot until they were shot at? Because they didn't want ot start the war, they wanted to end it.
Why did the African Americans decide to fight for the British? They were promised Freedom.
Who were the Hessians? German soldiers, fought for money not loyalty.
What did the French and Indian war change? Balance of power in North America.
How did the women support the war effort? Nurses, ran buisnesses, and were spies.
Why was the Battle of Trenton important to the Patriots? When was it fought? They took 900 prisoners. On Christmas Night
Which battle was the turning point of the war? Battle of Sarotoga
What was the Treaty of Paris? Great Britan recognized the independence of the US.
What was the last major battle of the American Revolution? Battle of Yorktown
Did the King of England agree on the demands the colonists gave to him? How did he react to demands? No he didn't instead he ignored the please.
Created by: SHS Sharks
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