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surrealism and its social context began in 1920| based on dreams and is very symbolic| based on painting and writing| it used the first manifesto| based on unexpected juxtapose and surprise| developed out of dada activities| surrealism is about thinking and accepting your thoughts| formed due to the activities in world war 1 and the most important center of the movement was in paris. it affected the visual arts, culture, language, music, etc. in many different countries around the world.
futurism and its social context an artistic and social movement that originated in the early 20th century in italy| it was about admiring violence and was intensely patriotic| the futurists admired speed and technology
dada and its social context cultural movement that began in switzerland during WWI| 1916-1922| concentrated with anti-war politics by making anti-art cultural works| it was the birth of the collage| birth of conceptual art
facts about balinese art and music culture theater and dance were common parts of the Balinese culture| wood carving is a main part of the balinese culture, things are carved into masks, doors, and god figurines| stone carving consists of carving soft volcanic rock into split gates and statues| balinese pick up and copy designs from outsiders who have come to settle in Bali
techniques, equipment and posture that helps us draw our best use your pencil as a measuring tool to measure the length of the body part or object| draw big so it will be easier to draw the next part| don't hug your paper when you draw, take a step back and draw from a distance| make your decision on what to draw before you draw it, because some things like charcoal can not be erased| charcoal can break easily so do not draw hard| start out by drawing lines, then form those lines into the shapes that you want| draw the background in the back of the picture and avoid drawing detail until the end if you have to| use cross-hatching to shade in objects to show where the light is not hitting the object or person, by crossing sets of lines to form a dark border.
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