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reading vocab abbys


tedius tiresome do to length or dullnessadjective
nestled to snuggle comfortablyverb
verdant green with growing plantsadjective
shrilled to make a piercing soundverb
ingenuous straight forward, or naiveadjective
auburn reddish brownadjective
insipid dull looking, bad looking and tasteadjective
waggish humorous and mischeiviousadjective
sagacious lazy or idleadjective
retorted to reply quickly, to answer back sharplyverb
fey enchanted oneadjective
meagor a scarce amount or a small amountadjective
awry a miss, haywire,and wrongadjective
maine hairnoun
portal a door or an entrance way noun
sextet a group of sixnoun
monotone an unvaried pitchadjective
dread verb to fear, someone who causes fear adjective
puerile childish adjective
commence to beginverb
snivel to whineverb
somber dark, gloomy, and sad adjective
sotto voce softlyadjective
mausoleum a large tombnoun
surreptitiously done with stelf, sneakyadverb
survey to look over and examineverb
uttered to speakverb
loquacious talkativeadjective
tittered to giggleverb
mortified very embarrassedadjective
jocose wittyadjective
quel to calm or to passifyverb
proximity closenessnoun
distraught ajitated with doubt; a mental conflictadjective
garbed to clothverb
formidable threateningadjective
perceptive picks up on things adjective
blousy loose fittingadjective
tresses locks of hairnoun
qual to cower or to shrink back in fearverb
sentries to guardnoun
glower to scowelverb
punctilious someone who is concerned with rules and procedures adjective
mete to dole outverb
subvocialize to talk under your breathverb
utterance talking or to speaknoun
amicable friendly or likeable adjective
melodious pleasing to the earadjective
pealed to ringverb
daunting to intimidate lessoned the couragedverb
titanic big, lare,gigantic adjective
wisp a streaknoun
muffle to surpress or to quietverb
swiveled to turn onverb
phenomenon an extroadanary eventnoun
colleague someone you work withnoun
incident an occurance or a happening noun
paid heed to pay attentionverb
intrepid fearless, adventurousadjective
stern strictadjective
martinet strict disciplinariannoun
shenanigans mischeivious activitynoun
confiscate to seis or to take awayverb
querelous whineyadjective
articulate to speak clearly and effectivelyverb
inimitable not capable of being imitatedadjective
malevolent malicious, spitefuladjective
wrathful full of angeradjective
wrath angernoun
stifle to surpress or to lessonverb
peers people of equal rank or standing noun
demise deathnoun
uncomprimising inflexibleadjective
resume to begin againverb
emit to give outverb
pandemonium wild uproar noun
Created by: keel



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