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2020 LIT

Cricket Chps 9-15 comprehension & ALL 16 Vocab Words

scrounging (verb) to obtain by salvaging or foraging
niche (noun) a recess or indentation in a wall, as for holding a statue
refuse (noun) anything discarded or rejected as useless or worthless
peculiar (adj) not ordinary or usual
forlornly (adv) *forlorn = (adj) nearly hopeless; desperate
din (noun) a jumble of loud, usually inharmonius sounds
abrupt (adj) unexpected; sudden
novelties *novelty (singular) small, mass produced articles; a trinket
pagoda (noun) a multi-story tower with overhanging eaves at each level, usually a memorial or shrine
souffle (noun) a light fluffy baked dish made with eggs
deduction (noun) process of reasoning in which a conclusion follows (logic)
ovation (noun) enthusiastic, prolonged applause SYN: applause; bravos; acclaim ANT: disapproval; criticism
illustrious (adj) *Latin root = "shining" (illuminate) highly distinguished SYN: famous; well-known ANT: ordinary; unimportant
throngs (noun) a large group of people or things crowded together SYN: crowd; gathering; horde; mass
ambling (verb) {amble} = base word to walk slowly or leisurely SYN: stroll; walk; mosey; loiter **Latin root == "ambulo"
rummaged (verb) {rummage} = root word to make a thorough, often disorderly search SYN: search; ransack ANT: arrange; neaten
Why does Mario visit Sai Fong the second time and what is the solution to his problem? {Discussed in class}
Chester, Tucker, and Harry decide to have a dinner party. What occasion are they celebrating and what happens at the party? {Discussed in class}
Why does Mama Bellini change her opinion of Chester and decide he can stay? {Discussed in class}
What effect did Chester's final concert have on the people of New York? What connection did Chester have with Orpheus? {Discussed in class}
Who is your favorite character and why?
What do you think could be a theme of the story and why? {Discussed in class}
Created by: pcsteacher5