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Pankration Ch 4-6

EMS Pankration Vocab Chapters 4-6

pallet (noun) a small inferior bed or mattress filled as with straw used directly on the floor
queasiness (noun) affected with nausea; sick to your stomach
permeated (verb) passed through; break through something
menacing (verb) threatening
raucous (adjective) hoarse;rough-sounding
obscured (verb) concealed from view; hidden; overshadowed
dialect (noun) the form of a spoken language peculiar(just in) that region
futile (adjective) an action that could not succeed; useless
meager (adjective) poor quality or small amount; inadequate
intuitively (adverb) the ability to perceive or know things without conscience reasoning (knowing something but not sure why you know it)
stamina (noun) resistance to fatigue, illness, hardship; endurance (able to last a long time)
convalesced (verb) to recover gradually from illness; to begin to grow strong
haughty(adjective) having or showing great pride in oneself (somewhat stuck-up)or disdain for others (disrespect for others)
disdain (noun) aloof contempt or scorn (disresect for others)
apparition (noun) a strange figure appearing suddenly and thought to be a ghost
Created by: lenzl