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Art I

Art information I should know

AKA Adoration of the Lamb The Ghent Altarpiece
Painted Ghent Altarpiece Jan Van Eyke
Painted for a Flemish Cathederal The Ghent Altarpiece
Painted Madonna with Chancellor Rolin Jan Van Eyke
Painted a self portrait in a red turban Jan Van Eyke
Brother Humbert began work The Ghent Altarpiece
painted Arnolfini wedding jan Van Eyke
painted the dinner horn Winslow Homer
painted snap the whip Winslow Homer
painted fog warning Winslow Homer
painted the gulf stream Winslow Homer
painted rain steam and speed Joseph Mallord William Turner
shows great western railway crossing thames rain, steam and speed
painted the Fighting Temeraire Joseph Mallord William Turner
painted the burning of the houses of parliament Joseph Mallord William Turner
painted the slave ship (or slavers throwing overboard the dead and dying: typhoon coming on) Joseph Mallord William Turner
painted the last of old westminster James Abbott McNeal Whistler
painted several depictions of Old Battersea James Abbott McNeal Whistler
painted Joanna Hiffernan standing on a wolf skin rug in the white girl James Abbott McNeal Whistler
painted the falling rocket James Abbott McNeal Whistler
sued the critic john ruskin james abbott mcneal whistler
painted arrangement in grey and black james abbott mcneal whistler
sculpted an egg in Beginnin of the world Constantin Brancusi
sculpted Leda Constantin Brancusi
sculpted the White Negress Constantin Brancusi
did gate of the kiss Constantin Brancusi
did table of silence Constantin Brancusi
did the endless column constantin brancusi
has stuff at Targu Jiu Constantin Brancusi
did the sleeping muse constantin brancusi
did bird in space constantin brancusi
romanian artest constantin brancusi
painted liberty leading the people Eugene Delacroix
painted the Baroque of Dante Eugene Delacroix
painted The Death of Saranapalus Eugene Delacroix
painted massacre at chios Eugene Delacroix
subject of this work was also depicted in drinking a toast Madame X
the actual madame x Virginie Gautreau
painted madame x John Singer Sargent
Created by: 606013205