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BIO ch 3

Chapter 3 Final

Nucleic acid is considered a ___? macromolecule
What are the four most common elements found in living organisms? CHON....carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen
Is salt a primary organic molecule NOPE
What are organic molecules has carbon
the process by which polymers are tuned into monomer is called hydrolysis
What is a dehydration reaction loss of H2O
The molecule that stores the info about the order of amino acids in a protein is DNA
The three-dimensional shape of a polypeptide is associate with its tertiary structure
the nucleotide that supplies energy for dehydration synthesis is adenosine triphosphate (ATP)
The two strands of DNA are held together by ___ ____ between the purine and pyrimidine bases. hydrogen bonds
The bond between two amino acids is known as a peptide bond
After hydrolysis of a triglyceride, we would have ____ ____ and ____. fatty acids and glycerol
The DNA molecule thymine is always paired to ____ adenine
The action of disrupting the three-dimensional shape of a protein is termed ____. denaturation
What denatures a protein? Acid, Heat
What are the 4 levels of proteins ? primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary
What are steroids? What are waxes? 4 fused carbon rings, long fatty acid attache to alcohol
lipids are ____ hydrophobic
Fats that have one or more double bonds within their fatty acid tails are labeled as ___ fats. unsaturated
Polysaccarides, the complex carbohydrates, break down into reduce/simple sugars during which of the following processes? hydrolysis
Is an enzyme action a functional benefit of the body's fat stores NO
DNA and RNA both belong to what group of organic compounds nucleic acids
Carbon can share pairs of electrons with as many as ___ other ___. 4, atoms
complex carbohydrates are stored in animals in the form of glycogen
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