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Clay terms

terms dealing with clay]

art concepts line ,shape, texture, form ,color ,and value
scoring a technique for attaching 2 clay pieces together.the surfaces to be joined are scratched,covered with slip,and firmly pressed together
art media the materials from which artwork is fashioned,in sculpture,often clay ,wood,stone,wire,plaster or metal singular medium
additive process an approach to sculpting joing pieces to create a whole
clay sketch a clay form that has been modeled quickly for the purpose of practicing a technique or trying an idea.
armature a inner support structure for sculpture;usually made of wire ,newspaper,or cardboard.
greenware dry clay or sculptures that are ready for firing (dry unfired clay).
hollowing out removing clay from the inside of a solid to make the clay walls thinner,less apt to crack ,and to make the sculpture lighter.
intaglio line designs etched into a surface.
in the round not attached to a backgroung not in relief,a sculpture in which all parys are visible,except the bottom.
kiln a furnance or oven built of heat resistant material for firing pottery or sculpture
leather head clay that has hardened but is still cool and moist to the touch,like leather.clay that is still soft enough to carve or to join by scoring.
model to form clay parts by gently working and manipulating the clay
mass a shape that has length, width ,and depth.
negative shape areas or spaces inbetween and around the soild form of a sculpture.
nonobjective a form that is nonrepresentational
organic shape free form;a form which is irregular,usually curiliner,and is suggestive of forms in nature.
positive shape the solid parts of a sculpture.
coil a long form that looks like a snake .----is an ancient tequnique used to make large pots and sculptres.
composition the arrangment of forms in a work of art.
design principles balance,movement,repitition,emphasisi,contrast,and unity.
form a shape that has length
freestanding modeled in the round ,as a relief sculpture would be.not attached to the background.
glaze a coating applied to clay,that fuses and turns to glass when fired in a kiln under high temp;
protuberence a part that jets out into space
realistic a form that is true to life.
sturdy form a well joined self-supporting form that will survive drying and firing without breaking
wedging a preapatory process done to remove airbubbles
texture the qualitity of a surface;its rough or smoothness.
viewpoint the position form which an object is observed
slip clay watered down to the consistency of soft butter.
slab a thick piece of clay formed by rolling and throwing.
bisque clay that has ben fired once
sculpting the art and craft of creating forms and arranging them in space
relief sculpting in which figures project from a flat surface;compare with freestanding sculpture has forms modeled in da round
subtractive process in sculpting removing pieces from a solid from cariving away
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