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What is “gate” is the connection between the stomach and the small intestine? dark gate
Diarrhea is the symptom due to failure to separate the clear and turbid from which “gate”? screen gate
The small intestine governs? reception and the transformation of things (essence of water and grain)
The SI governs the separation of the ____ and the ____. The ____ is the finest essence of water and grain.The ___ is the dregs from the water & grain. Clear, turbid, clear, turbid
Where does the SI send the fluid aspect of the turbid? The Solid aspect? Bladder, LI
The small intestine governs humor. What is the humor aspect of the SI? Urine
What exterior-interior relationship governs fluids? kidney-bladder
What is going on with the SI if there is excessive urine and dry and bound stools? Scant urine and sloppy stools? SI absorbs too much fluid, SI doesn't absorb enough
The ____ _______ holds the office of conveyance, whence mutation emanates. Large Intestine
How does LI govern fluids? Absorbs the fluid from the dregs during "mutation"
Impairment of the LI can result in? bound stools, diarrhea
What is the mutation process of the LI? transforming the dregs into stools
The LI depends on the diffusion, regulation, depurative down bearing action of what qi to conduct and conveyance out of waste? Why? lung qi, lung dispersing and spreads fluids, which moisten and enrich the LI
What other down bearing qi does the LI depend on? stomach qi
What happen if there is lung and stomach qi vacuity? no propulsive power for conduction and conveyance
What happen if there is lung and stomach counterflow? no downbearing for conduction and conveyance
Bao nang, pao, niao bao are other names for? bladder
The bladder the office of the _____ _______? river island
The bladder stores? fluids
What are the two fluids does the bladder store? urine, all fluids
Give the two aspects of “All fluids” that Bob wants us to know? moistens exterior, sweating
What channel belongs to the Bladder? Found where foot greater yang, inner canthus
Bladder qi transformation relies on the _____ steaming qi transformation. kidney's
The ______ is the dyke, when the _____ is uninhibited, the waterways are uninhibited. spleen, dyke
Bladder channel qi becomes obstructed, defensive yang (qi) becomes encumbered, aversion to cold and heat effusion, when the external ______invades the greater yang bladder channel. evil
External contraction of evil into the bladder disrupts the _______ qi transformation and ____storage. bladder, fluid
Fluids obstructed; unable to drain outward to the exterior; unable to be transported downward results in lack of _______ and inhibited _______. sweating, urination
Name the six extraordinary bowels? brain, marrow, bone, vessels, GB, uterus
What stores, but does not drain? The extraordinary bowels
Name the 5 that drains, but does not store? TB, SI, LI, ST, BL
Which of the Ex Bowels stores and discharge bile? GB
Who governs marrow? Kidney
The ______ is the sea of marrow. brain
Brain governs what two things? sensation, activity of the essence-spirit
Name the 4 essence spirit governed by the brain? consciousness, thought, memory, emotion
The brain is the palace of the original ______. spirit
Memory resides in the brain, Forgetful children have unfilled brains. Forgetful old people have brains that are gradually becoming empty.Whenever people see something, n image of it must remain in their brains.What's unfilled in the child's brains? essence-spirit
The spirit dynamic behind memory is not in the ______ but is instead in the _____. heart, brain
Brain governs sensation and is closely related with ____ and ______. vision, hearing
The brain, the eyes, and the ears are all located in the head. If the head is unfilled, there will be _______ and ______ of the eyes. tinnitus, dizziness
What Ex Bowel is the fetus palace? uterus
The uterus _____ and discharges. stores
Uterus-Kidney: Stores ______ and governs growth and _______. essence, reproduction
Uterus-Heart: Heart governs ____ and vessels and _____ is necessary for menstruation and fertility/reproduction. blood, blood
What is the liver relationship with the uterus? liver regulates menstruation and ovulation , nourishment of the fetus in utero
What channels arise from the uterus? thoroughfare and conception or chong and ren
What vessel is the “sea of twelve channels and the “sea of blood”? thoroughfare and chong
Which channel unites with the 3 foot yin channels in the lower ab? conception
Which channel controls all the yin channels? conception
Which channel is the sea of yin channels? conception
Which channel regulate the qi and blood in all the yin channels of the entire body;nourishes the fetus;governs the uterus. conception
_________channel must be free-flowing and the _____ channel must be exuberant. conception, thoroughfare
What is the “gate” is the connection between the small intestine and the large intestine? screen gate
Who sends the dregs of water and grain to the LI? SI
Bladder qi transformation relies on the _____ ___ for coordination and balanced function. triple burner
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