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Biology Yonathan

Most common way of catching tapeworm Eating raw or undercooked meat
Methods of killing tapeworms Using antiparasitic and anti-worm drugs
The easiest way to avoid tapeworms Cooking meat properly
Knob like anterior of a tapeworm Scolex
Segments of a tapeworm caontaining both male and female organs Proglottids
TB bacterium Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
People with which cases are more affected by TB People with HIV and Malnutrition
What is an asymptomatic person A person who shows no signs of a disease
Organism that transmits pathogens from one host to another Vector
Malaria vector Female anopheles mosquito
Malaria causing pathogen Plasmodium falciparum
Constituent of mosquito saliva which prevents blood from clotting Anticoagulant
Plasmodium affects which organs(parts of the body) The liver and RBCs
What is the best way of preventing malaria Avoiding contact with mosquitoes
What is the cause of AWD, Cholera and Typhoid Lack of sanitation
How do you avoid AWD, Cholera and Typhoid Eating clean food, drinking clean water, washing hands
Cholera causing pathogen Vibrio Cholera
What is the most common cause of Gonorrhoea, Syphilis, Chancroid and HIV Unprotected sexual intercourse (Vaginal, Anal or oral)
Aside from sexual intercourse, what is a cause for Gonorrhoea and syphilis From mother to child
Gonorrhoea causing pathogen Neisseria Gonorrhoea
Syphilis causing pathogen Treponema Pallidum
Chancroid causing pathogen Haemophilus Ducrei
Male circumcision reduces the risk of Chancroid
ABC rules are Abstaining, being faithful and using condoms
The two functions of B-cells Destroying the foreign antigens and making memory cells
Group of organisms that can breed successfully to produce fertile offsprings Species
Organisms having five fingers or toes Pentadactyl
Classification of organisms based on physical appearance Morphology
A branch of biology that deals with the naming and classification of organisms Taxonomy
It goes from kingdom to Phylum then to... Class to order to family to genus to species
International language for scientific names Latin
The first word in binomial naming represents the.... And the second represents the.... Genus... Species
Kingdom Monera: nucleus type and reproduction method Procaryotic, binary fission
All bacteria are in kingdom Monera
Kingdom protista: nucleus type and shape Eukaryotic, complex shapes
Fungi difference with plants Not being photosynthetic
Kingdom fungi: nucleus type Eukaryotic
Fungi that decompose dead matter Saprotrophs
Fungus which produces penicillin Penicillium
Association of organisms where both get benefits from it Mutualism
Association between fungi and algae Lichen
Association between fungi and roots of plants Mycorrhizae
Simplest land plants Bryophytes
Rhizoids Simple root like structures of mosses
Fern roots which grow horizontally Rhizomes
Exceptional fern which grows in full sunlight Pteridum spp
Seed bearing plants Spermatrophites
Why are gymnosperms good for timber Because they grow quickly
a plant that stays all year without having to dry and stay dormant every Autumn is called Evergreen
The reproductive structure of conifers are ... While that of angiosperms are... Cones... Flowers
Created by: Yonathan Samuel



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