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Vagabond Tomo 1

Unknown Words from the Manga Vagabond

sobrevivir to survive
el sobreviviente survivor
el cazador hunter
asustir to scare
acabado finished
acabar to finish
el pasto grass
consiguir to get
merecer to deserve
enemigo enemy
entregar to deliver
durar to last
engañarse to trick
el refugio shelter
asesinar to murder
ganar to win
lleno/a full
el bandido bandit
salvar to save
desear to wish or want
castigar to punish
el soldado soldier
casar to mary
quedarse to stay or remain
negar to deny or reject
crecer to grow
carmesí crimson
el venono poison
venenoso poisonous
la campana chime or bell
implacablemente relentless
rescatar to rescue
la espada sword
el ladrón theif
la armadura armor
detener to stop
advertir to warn
la pandilla gang/mob/crowd
aguantar withstand or bear
robado stolen
robar to steal
la mayoria the majority
el roble oak
varonil manly
la bestia beast
grosero/a rude
azergonzar to embarass
azergonzado embarassed
atreverse to dare
esconder to hide
oír to hear
verificar to check
el techo roof
retar to challange/dare
el cobarde coward
descuidar to neglect
el demonio demon
enfrentar to face/address/confront
sangriento bloody
evitar to avoid
suponer to involve/assume/suppose
el mocoso brat
la diversión the fun
jurar to swear or vow
borrar to delete
el pezón nipple
el trasero rear
vengarse to take revenge
prometer to promise
traer to bring
el costado side
de par en par wide open
unir to join/link/bind
el puñado handful
el gusano worm
gastar to spend
el presentemiento a gut feeling
convirtirse to become
grueso/a thick/large/coarse
deshonrar to dishonor
el obrero worker
esforzado/a dedicated (noun=effort)
el heredero heir
jobilado/a retired
burgesia bourgeoisie
luchar to fight
aperecer to appear
arrastrar to drag
dudar to doubt
capturar to capture
el anciano an elder
el consejo council or advice
atascar to clog/jam/stall
atascado/a stuck
feroz fierce
detras behind
sorprendente surprising
consagrado devoted
derrotar to defeat
la tonteria nonsense
tibio/a warm
espantoso horrible
alimentar to feed or nurture
la corteza bark/crust/rind
el conejo rabbit
eludir to elude
alcance the reach or scope
aldeano a villager
la aldea a village
el orden order
el templo temple
despreciable dispicble
el odio hatred
odiar to hate
entroneterse meddle/intrude/interrupt
el/la huerfano/a orphan
el sacerdote priest
comprometido/a comitted or engaged
el temod fear
el fracaso failure
bruto/a gross or raw
mandar to send
el pensamiento the thought
perjudicial harmful
involucrado/a involved (noun=a person involved)
involucrar to involve
apresurar to speed up or hurry
permanecer to remain
comportar to entail
pulir to polish
el espadachin swordsman
la manera a way or manner
el guerrero warrior
desfiar to challenge
renombrado/a renowned
averiguar to find out
patético/a pathetic
caer to fall
la mentra a lie
mentir to lie
la trampa a trap
atrapar to catch/trap
oponer to oppose
inútil useless
dispuesto/a willing
intentar to attempt or try
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