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Dies Drear Vocab

one who believed in eliminating slavery abolitionist
device that puffs out air by compression to fuel a fire bellows
bare,cold,harsh,gloomy bleak
misfortune or disaster calamity
of or like limestone,calcium,or lime calcareous
a plant with blue flowers or its root used to make tea chicory
disheartened or humbled crestfallen
to make up or pretend feigned
coated with gold gilded
attic garret
ill will or desire to harm malice
huge massive
mineral exposed at the earth's surface outcropping
living room parlor
figment of the mind phantasm
decorative flower with four petals quatrefoil
earthen embankment surrounding a fort rampart
object from the past relic
musical direction to raise the voice selab
tricky or deceitful shifty
serious solemn
deep dishes with lids tureens
open porch veranda
entrance hall vestibule
salty brackish
preoccupied bemused
the appearance of being cool and reserved aloofness
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