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A Sound of Thunder


To utterly destroy...eliminate annihilate
considered to be not worth keeping expendable
small...immeasurable infinitesimally
belonging to the first or earliest...ancient primeval
ability to recover readily...return to original form resilient
to take back or withdraw revoke
to enclose in or as if in a casing or covering sheathed
below the threshold of conscious perception subliminal
a trace of something bad taint
a smooth rising or falling undualte
opposite of what normally is supposed to happen paradox
acquisition of money by dishonest or illegal means graft
What company does Eckels go to visit? Time Safari Inc.
Who is the Safari Leader? Mr. Travis
How many years to the men travel back to the past? 60,002,055 years
How do the men know which dinosaurs to shot? they are marked with red paint
What is unique about the dinosaurs...why were they chosen? they have no future
Where was Eckels going when he stepped off of the path? the time machine
What did Travis threaten to do to Eckels? leave him behind
What was the first thing that Eckels notices upon their return? an odd feel in the air (subliminal)
What is on the bottom of Eckels' boot? a butterfly
When Eckels asks who won the election, what is the reply? Deutscher
What does Deutscher mean? German
What does Travis do at the end of the story? shoots Eckels
What is the last line of the story? a sound of thunder
Who wrote the story "A Sound of Thunder"? Ray Bradbury
What is the theme of the story? If you change something in the past it could change the future
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