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#3 Questions


Rh negative phenotype is most likely a result of Rh D deletion
Serum ferritin levels in pregnant women is? Lower than normal values
How does oral contraceptive change iron store levels? Iron stores is higher -Ferritin is higher in oral contraceptives
On a automated coagulation analyzer,PT controls are in range but PTT controls are out of range. New controls produce same results. What do you do? CaCl2 might have been added to APTT reagent accidentally, change reagents and repeat -Recombiplastin =PT reagent -CaCl2=APTT reagent
What enzyme is increased in Mumps? Amylase -Salivary Amylase levels are elevated in Mumps
If the DAT is positive on the cord blood, what do you do next? Antibody screen on maternal blood, if ABO type is unknown
What can cause false positive for uroblinogen on urine strips? Porphobilinogen -any chemical that can react with Ehlrich's reagent can cause a false positive
Which carbohydrate is often used in the media plates to differentiate Staph Aureus from other Staphlococcus species, such as S. epidremidis? Mannitol -Mannitol salt agar is a selective and differential medium for identification of S.aureus, produces yellow colonies by fermenting mannitol
What is the formula for Sensitivity? TP\(TP+FN)X100
In what blood group type expression of antigens is weakened or in some cases negative during pregnancy? Lewis
What is the drug of choice for MRSA isolates? Vancomycin
HPV test is more often done for what condition? Genital Warts
Why early morning sputum specimens are recommended for TB testing? More concentrated specimen, has higher yield
How do you differentiate between Primary and Secondary hypothyroidism? TSH(Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) -Primary Hypothyroidism= increase in TSH decrease in T4 -Secondary Hypothyroidism= T4 decrease and TSH decrease or normal
How do RBC look like in concentrated urine samples? They are crenated
How do you calculate coefficient of variation? CV=SD/MEAN X 100 MEAN= average Mode=most frequent # Median=middle
In hemolytic anemia, how does bilirubin levels change? Unconjugated bilirubin increase Urine urobilinogen increase
In blood bank DAT testing, 3 test tubes are negative to AHG when check cells is added, the result is still negative. What is the error? Serum was omitted from the reaction
VMA test is done for diagnosis of what disease? Neuroblastoma and Pheochromocytoma
What are Pappenheimer bodies? Iron particles
Stray light can be detected in a spectrophotometer by utilizing a: Sharp cut off filter
If the life span of RBC'S are shortened, how does the urine bilirubin levels change? Urine bilirubin is neg Urine urobilinogen is increased
Hair perforation test is for identification of which 2 fungi? Trichophyton Mentagrophyte and Tirubrum
In photometric method of measuring bilirubin, analyzers measure the color change at what wavelength? 454nm
What enzyme can help with diagnosis of muscular dystrophy? CPK(Creatine Phosphokinase)
AST/ALT ratio in a patient is significantly high. What does this suggest? Alcoholic Liver Disease
10 nucleated RBC 15,000 per mm3 WBC count What is the corrected WBC count? 15000x100/10+100 uncorrected WBC X 100/nRBC+100
Which of the following serves as the specimen of choice for the demonstration of tertiary Syphilis? CSF -Test CSF-VDRL
What is the significance of eosinophils in urine? Acute intestinal nephritis ->5% eos in urine is an indicator
A man showed up in a clinic w/ a CAT SCRATCH infection. The culture revealed gram negative pleomorphic rods. Colonies were very slow to grow. It is most likely? Bartonella
Which of the following differentiate S.maltophilia from other non fermenter gram negative rods? Oxidase Negative;DNase Positive -S.maltophilia=catalase positive and motile
A patients plasma was screened for alloantibodies and was positive for Anti K. What % of ABO compatible blood units would be K antigen negative and can be chosen for transfusion? -91% -k 99.9% positive
What is Fletcher's media used for? Leptospira
What test is used to confirm presence of Bence-Jones proteins? Immunofixation
What is flocculation? Is bridging and binding of destabilized solids into larger particles
When Primidone is administered, what other compound must be quantified in serum to monitor drug levels? Phenobarbital
Which donor candidate wont be accepted for blood donation? A 35 year old man who received hepatitis B immune globulin 6 months ago -Hb Ig Deferred 12 months -Tattoo 12 months -Autologous donors Hgb 11g/dL
Total Cholesterol is 220mg/dL HDL is 45mg/dL and Triglycerides is 180. What is the LDL level? LDL=Total Cholesteral-HDL Cholesteral-Triglyceride/5 =151
TIBC IS 200mcg/dL iron is 125mcg/dL. What is UIBC? =75 -UIBC=TIBC-iron
Why would the color changes from blue to orange and then back to blue in clinitest? Pass through Phenomenon
This catalase positive, gram positive bacilli w/diphteroid morphology is highly resistant to many antibiotics and is associated w/immunocompromised patients Diptheriae -Corynebacterium, pertussis,throat
The best diagnostic test for excessive alcoholic consumption : GGT= ALCOHOLIC LIVER DAMAGE
The growth of which of the following fungi will be enhanced by olive oil? Malassezia furfur
Which mycobacterium is found in tap water? M.gordonae -in soil and water
What blood group reagent deteriorate faster while in use? MNS
Detection of antigen in urine specimen can be used for which of the following pneumonia infections? Legionella -Streptococcus pneumoniae -Histoplasma capsulatum
Hemolysis pattern of Streptococcus pneumoniae: Alpha Hemolytic -Gram positive, dark and green colony
What are Howell -Jolly bodies? DNA Fragments -gram positive , dark and green colony
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