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Which solution is used for the measurement of HDL? Heparin-Manganese
Which protein is closest to Cathode in Serum Electrophoresis? Gamma ANODE+ albumin-alpha1-alpha2-beta-gamma CATHODE-
What plasma level is decreased in hyperglycemia? Sodium
What nutrient is in anaerobic agar to help growth of anaerobes? Cysteine -Anaerobic bacteria a reducing agent is needed such as Thioglycolate and Cysteine
A 3 year olds urine specimen shows 25 renal tubular epithelial cells under high objective, granular casts, 3-5 WBC and nitrite is negative. Acute tubular necrosis -Higher # of renal tubular epithelial cells and granular casts point to acute tubular necrosis
How do you differentiate between Yersinia Pestis and Y.Enterocolitica? Motility -Y.Pestis non motile and urease neg -Y.Enterocolitica is motile and urease pos
The extrinsic system of coagulation is monitored by which test? Prothrombin Time(PT)
17-Ketosteroids is produced in the Adrenal Glands
Fusobacterium Tapered ends are characteristic Found in dental plaque of humans and is spindle shaped
In testing a blood bank specimen, Anti Ig and Anti C3d: What should the MLS do: Elution
Anti Smith AB is associated with which disease Systemic Lupus Erythromatosis(SLE)
What urine test can help diagnose Pheochromocytoma? Methanephrines
What test is used to identify Hairy Cell Leukemia? TRAP Tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase
2 Consecutive values in which they are in the +2SD of the same mean or in the -2SD of the same mean: 2,2S (JAMES WESTGARD RULE)
A critically ill patient becomes comatose. The physician believes the coma is due to hepatic failure. The assay most helpful in this diagnosis? Ammonia -Hepatic encephalopathy=confusion, altered level of consciousness, and coma as a result of liver failure
A patient has hyperglycemia, what to order next? PTH -Excess PTH leads to hyperglycemia
In Hashimotos thyroiditis, how do the levels of T4 and TSH change? TSH is high and T4 is low -Hashimotos thyroiditis is an autoimmune condition in which the body attacks and destroys its own thyroid gland. -T4 levels decrease while TSH increases trying to elevate T4 levels
In chronic active hepatitis, high titers of which of the following antibodies are seen? Anti-smooth muscle and Positive ANA test
What statement is true regarding Conns Syndrome? Primary Aldosteronism
In megablastic anemias, red cells are: Macrocytic,normochromic
Calculate the anion gap if: Na=138 Cl=102 HCO3=27 =9 Anion gap:[Na} - ([Cl] + [HCO3])
If Hgb=12g/dL and Hct=36% Calculate MCHC =33 MCHC= Hgb x 100\Hct
Which compound has the same physiological effect as Procainamide? NAPA
Large,circular,gray and smooth colonies are observed on a blood agar plate with swarming motility. What test to do next? Indole -Proteus vulgaris= indole positive -Proteus mirabilis= indole negative
What does PCO3 electrode measure? pH
Which of the following anemia exhibits pancytopenia? Aplastic Anemia -Pancytopenia= low counts of red and white cells, platelets
Which bacteria is more of a concern when it comes to water contamination? -Legionella Pneumphpilia*** -Cryptosporidium -Campylobacter Jejuni -EColi*** -Salmonella -Vibrio Cholerae
Which option best describes Blastconidia? One large mother cell that produces multiple daughter cells
What is another name for Echinocytes and when are they observed? Burr cells, slow drying smear
A gram stain performed on a sputum specimen revealed gram-neg diplococci within PMNs. Oxidase testing is positive and carbohydrate degradation test is inert. The organism is? Moraxella Catarrhalis -As soon as you see INERT or ASACCHAROLYTIC when it comes to carbohydrates and bacteria, remember Moraxella Catarrhalis
A blue top specimen was drawn from a catheter and tested for PTandPTT. The results are significantly higher than yesterdays result. What is the most likely explanation? Heparin Contamination
An alkaline urine refrigerated becomes turbid because of ? Amorphous Phosphates
In Rhabdomyolysis, breakdown of what component causes kidney damage? Myoglobin
If total cholesterol is 220mg/dL HDL 45mg/dL and triglycerides is 250mg/dL. What is the concentration of LDL? Friedewald: LDL=TC-HDL-TG/5.0
Whats the best blood type of choice for blood transfusion for new born babies? O Neg crossmatch with maternal blood
If RBC life span is shortened, what will happen to HA1c level? Lowers the level
What is used to monitor unfractionated heparin therapy? APTT -APTT is used to monitor unfractionated heparin therapy but NOT used for low molecular weight heparin(monitored by Anti Xa assay)
Gram stain from a blood agar show gram positive cocci in chains, non-hemolytic. The bacteria will grow on 6.5% NaCl and is bile eculin positive. What is the most likely identification? Enterococcus -Only Enterococcus can grow on both 6.5% NaCl and bile esculin
A blue top was drawn on a walk-in patient. PT>14s and PTT>36s 1:1 mix study does not correct the results and there is no evidence of heparin contamination. What test to do next? dRVVT
Glass membrane electrode is used to measure what? pH
In SIADH(Syndrome of Inappropriate Antidiuretic Hormone Secretion) which condition is seen and why? Hyponatremia due to dilution
Which one is the carrier of endogenous triglycerides? VLDL -Carries endogenous triglycerides -Chylomicrons carries exogenous triglycerides
What is the specimen of choice for Rotavirus? Stool -Real time PCR is used
Which method is used to differentiate between Pseudomonas Aeruginosa and P.putida? Growth at 42 degrees -P.aeruginosa=grows at 42 degrees -P.putida=no growth to little
In which condition insufficient amount of hormone cortisol is produced? Addison's disease -Addisons's disease results when your adrenal glands are damaged, producing insufficient amounts of the hormone cortisol and often aldosertone
Wha is Azotomia(nitrogen blood condition) Increased BUN
PEA and Columbia CNA agar are used to culture? Gram Positive Bacteria
What type of cells in Sezary Syndrome become cancerous? Tcells
Beta-hCG is a marker for what disease? Testicular cancer
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