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Anne-Green Gables

Anne of Green Gables

don't say that Rachel Lynde didn't tell you well Marilla I'm here
didn't you meet the boy? wasn't he at the train Well, i ain't saying that he was and i ain't saying he wasn't
you mean they didn't send him after all? Well i ain't saying that they did and I ain't saying that they didn't
tell me whats happened well i don't know as I'd better but I'm afraid I'll hafta. Prepare yourself for a shock marilla
It must be dreadful well i ain't saying that it is and i ain't saying that it ain't
Where is the boy? there wasn't any boy, Marilla. There was only her.
What? she talks a deal but she don't mean any harm
there's no need to cry so about it, is there Matthew well i can't say that there is and i can't say that there ain't
Do you understand her? Well i can't say that i do and i can't say that i don't
name of Williams took me in they knew my parents well Williams. did they have any other children?
how to hang the hamburger (chuckle)
I don't believe in calling folks by names that don't belong to them do you, Matthew? Well, i dunno. Can't say that I do and I can't say that I don't
Do you hear? What's that, Marilla. did you say something?
I said that Anne will have to be sent back to the asylum. Yes-er-I suppose so.
Don't you know? Well now, she's a real nice little thing. And she's had such a hard life. It's kind of a pity to send her back when she is so set on staying here.
you think we ought to keep her? Well, I dunno. I ain't saying that we ought and i ain't saying that we oughtn't.
But what good would she be to us? Well, i dunno but we might be of some good to her.
I can see as plain as plain that u want to keep her here. Well i ain't saying that i do and i ain't saying that i don't. But anyhow, Marilla, she's a real interesting little thing. Kinda gets under your skin, so she does. You should have heard her talk coming from the station.
if I did she isn't the style I'd pick out. I-I could hire young Jerry Buote from down by the creek. he was here the other day asking for a job. And Anne could be company for you marilla.
I'm not going to keep her. Well, now, it's just as you say, of course, Marilla.
Call her in. Anne, Marilla wants you.
You don't think i actually want these flowers do you? Well, I dunno. I ain't saying that you do and i ain't saying that i don't
Well, Matthew, Where is the little boy you brought back with you? Why-er-there wasn't any boy- I mean, he's a girl!
vi'lent temper, did you, matthew? well, i ain't saying that i have and i ain't saying that i haven't
if she had asked my advice this never would have happened(exit) Anne, come on out, I'm here lone, come out,Anne.
I'll never be happy again. Rachel Lynde is a meddlesome gossip. but it's to bad it had to happen just now, because I was trying to coax Marilla to let you stay here at least for awhile.
Let me stay, anything Would you apologize to Rachel Lynde and tell her you're sorry you your temper just now?
Marilla might let me stay if i apologize? We-el, i dunno . I ain't saying that she will and i ain't saying that she won't. But to would be a help.
I never could refuse you anything. Only you mustn't tell marilla I suggested it. She might think I was putting my oar in, and that would make her angry.
but i shouldn't have said it, (laugh)
I'll go to the front door with you. (Entrance barn) warm for this time of the year, ain't it, Marilla? (Entrance-barn) Warm for this time of the year, ain't it, Marilla.
Seems like i'm on the all the time lately. I've been working pretty hard myself in the fields.
as hard or as tiring as my work, do you? Well, I dunno. I ain't saying that it is and I ain't saying that it ain't.
Created by: MAcker101