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Lit. Characters COMP

Huge list of lit. characters

Sancho Panza Don Quixote (Quixote's side-kick)
Rocinante Don Quixote (his horse)
Dapple Don Quixote (panza's donkey)
Cide Hamete Benengeli Don Quixote
Dulcinea del Toboso Don Quixote
Edward Rochester Jane Eyre
St. John Rivers Jane Eyre
Mrs. Reed Jane Eyre
Bessie Lee Jane Eyre
Mr. Lloyd Jane Eyre
Eliza and John Reed Jane Eyre (Jane's cousins)
Maria Temple Jane Eyre
Elizabeth Bennet Pride and Prejudice (protagonist)
Fitzwilliam Darcy Pride and Prejudice
Jane Bennet Pride and Prejudice (Elizabeth's oldest sister)
Charles Bingley Pride and Prejudice
Mr. and Mrs. Bennett Pride and Prejudice (Elizabeth and Jane's sisters)
George Wickham Pride and Prejudice
Mr. Collins Pride and Prejudice
Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner Pride and Prejudice
Leopold Bloom Ulysses
Marion (Molly) Bloom Ulysses (Leopold's wife)
Stephen Dedalus Ulysses
Malachi (Buck) Mulligan Ulysses
Haines Ulysses
Hugh (“Blazes”) Boylan Ulysses
Richard Best Ulysses
Edy Boardman Ulysses
The Citizen Ulysses
Gerty McDowell Ulysses
Caffrey family Ulysses
Hester Prynne The Scarlet Letter (protagonist)
Pearl The Scarlet Letter
Roger Chillingworth The Scarlet Letter
Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale The Scarlet Letter
Governor Bellingham The Scarlet Letter
Mistress Hibbins The Scarlet Letter
Reverend Mr. John Wilson The Scarlet Letter
Stage Manager Our Town (host of play)
George Gibbs Our Town
Mr. and Mrs. Gibbs Our Town (parents of G. Gibbs)
Emily Webb Our Town
Mr. and Mrs. Webb Our Town
Mrs. Soames Our Town (gossipy)
Simon Stimson Our Town
Rebecca Gibbs Our Town (George's younger sister)
Crowell brothers Our Town
Professor Willard Our Town
Raskolnikov Crime and Punishment (Protagonist)
Sofya Semyonovna Marmeladov Crime and Punishment
Avdotya Romanovna Raskolnikov Crime and Punishment (protagonist's sister)
Svidrigailov Crime and Punishment
Razumikhin Crime and Punishment
Porfiry Petrovich Crime and Punishment (In charge of murder investigation)
Ivanovna Crime and Punishment
Zossimov Crime and Punishment (Roskolnikov's doctor)
Henry Fleming Red Badge of Courage (protagonist)
Jim Conklin Red Badge of Courage
Wilson Red Badge of Courage (noisy private)
The tattered soldier Red Badge of Courage
The lieutenant Red Badge of Courage
Pangloss Candide (Candide's tutor)
Martin Candide (friend of Candide, skeptic)
Cunégonde Candide
Cacambo Candide
The old woman Candide (born the daughter of pope)
The Commander Candide
Jacques (the Anabaptist) Candide
Paquette Candide
The farmer Candide
Jean Valjean Les Miserables (protagonist)
Cosette Les Miserables (lives with valjean after mother's death)
Javert Les Miserables
Fantine Les Miserables (Cosette's mother)
Marius Pontmercy Les Miserables
M. Myriel Les Miserables
Thénardier Les Miserables
Eponine Les Miserables
M. Gillenormand Les Miserables
Gavroche Les Miserables
Azelma Les Miserables (daughter of thenardier's)
D'Artagnan The Three Musketeers (central character)
Athos The Three Musketeers (Most important of the three)
Aramis The Three Musketeers (one of the great three)
Porthos The Three Musketeers (the last of the three)
Lady de Winter and Lord de Winter The Three Musketeers (evil, beautiful woman; lady's brother-in-law)
Bonacieux The Three Musketeers (husband and wife family, madam and monsier)
Cardinal Richelieu The Three Musketeers (Kings most influential advisor)
King Louis XIII The Three Musketeers (king of france, dominated by cardinals)
Queen Anne The Three Musketeers (Queen of France)
George Villiers, the Duke of Buckingham The Three Musketeers
Comte de Rochefort and Comte de Wardes The Three Musketeers (Cardinal's private spy; cardinalist agent)
Planchet The Three Musketeers (D'artagnan's manservant)
Grimaud The Three Musketeers (Athos' manservant)
Mousqueton The Three Musketeers (Porthos's manservant)
Bazin The Three Musketeers (Aramis's manservant)
Humbert Humbert Lolita (narrator and protagonist)
Dolores (Lolita) Haze Lolita (the Lolita)
Clare Quilty Lolita (Humbert's shadow and double)
Charlotte Haze Lolita (humbert's wife and Delores MOTHER!)
Annabel Leigh Lolita (humbert's childhood love)
Jean and John Farlow Lolita
Rita and Mona Lolita
Marlow Heart of Darkness (protagonist)
Kurtz Heart of Darkness (subject of marlow's quest)
General manager Heart of Darkness
Brickmaker Heart of Darkness
Chief accountant Heart of Darkness
Pilgrims Heart of Darkness
Cannibals Heart of Darkness
Helmsman Heart of Darkness (young man)
6 generations of Buendía family 100 years of solitude
Edmond Dantès The Count of Monte Cristo (protagonist)
The Count of Monte Cristo The Count of Monte Cristo (Dantes assumes this title when he inherits fortune)
Abbé Busoni The Count of Monte Cristo
Sinbad the Sailor The Count of Monte Cristo
Mercédès The Count of Monte Cristo
Abbé Faria The Count of Monte Cristo
Fernand Mondego The Count of Monte Cristo
Baron Danglars The Count of Monte Cristo
Caderousse The Count of Monte Cristo
Gérard de Villefort The Count of Monte Cristo
Nora A Doll's House (protagonist)
Torvald Helmer A Doll's House (Nora's husband)
Krogstad A Doll's House
Mrs. Linde A Doll's House
Dr. Rank A Doll's House (Torvald's best friend)
Bob, Emmy, and Ivar A Doll's House (Nora and Torvald's three children)
Anne-Marie A Doll's House
Friday Robinson Crusoe (cannibal who converts to Protestantism)
The Portuguese captain Robinson Crusoe
The Spaniard Robinson Crusoe
Xury Robinson Crusoe (slave-boy)
The Widow Robinson Crusoe
Buck The Call of The Wild (Protagonist, powerful dog)
John Thornton The Call of The Wild (buck's last master)
Spitz The Call of The Wild (bucks archrival)
Francois The Call of The Wild (buys buck)
Perrault The Call of The Wild (with Francois, turn buck into sled dog)
Hal The Call of The Wild
Mercedes The Call of The Wild
Charles The Call of The Wild
Dave and Curley The Call of The Wild (two friends of Buck)
Aunt Chloe Uncle Tom's Cabin (Uncle Tom's wife)
Arthur Shelby Uncle Tom's Cabin (Owner of Uncle Tom in Kentucky)
Emily and George Shelby Uncle Tom's Cabin
Eliza and George Harris Uncle Tom's Cabin
Augustine St. Clare Uncle Tom's Cabin
Eva Uncle Tom's Cabin
Miss Ophilia Uncle Tom's Cabin
Simon Legree Uncle Tom's Cabin
Tom Loker Uncle Tom's Cabin
Vladimir Waiting for Godot (one of two main characters)
Estragon Waiting for Godot (other of two main characters)
Pozzo Waiting for Godot
Lucky Waiting for Godot
Boy Waiting for Godot (informs vladimir each not the Godot isn't coming)
Godot Waiting for Godot (sometimes thought to be "god" never seen in play)
Willie Stark All the King's Men (boss of protagonist)
Jack Burden All the King's Men (protagonist)
Anne Stanton All the King's Men (Burden's first love)
Adam Stanton All the King's Men
Judge Montague Irwin All the King's Men
Sadie Burke All the King's Men
Tiny Duffy All The King's Men
Stark (last name) All The King's Men
Castorp The Magic Mountain (main character, other characters represent allegories)
Settembrini The Magic Mountain
Naphta The Magic Mountain
Chauchat The Magic Mountain
Peeperkorn The Magic Mountain
Ziemssen The Magic Mountain
Brother Jack Invisible Man (leader of The Brotherhood)
Tod Clifton Invisible Man (black member of the brotherhood)
Ras the Exhorter Invisible Man
Rinehart Invisible Man
Dr. Bledsoe Invisible Man
Mr. Norton Invisible Man
Jim Trueblood Invisible Man
Emerson Invisible Man
Vladimir Lensky Eugene Onegin (onegin's friend)
Tatyana Larina Eugene Onegin
Olga Larina Eugene Onegin
Pushkin's raisonneur Eugene Onegin
Pushkin's Muse Eugene Onegin
Colonel Brandon Sense and Sensibility
Dashwood Family (elinor, henry, fanny, john) Sense and Sensibility
Ferrars family Sense and Sensibility
Miss Sophia Grey Sense and Sensibility
Mrs. Jennings Sense and Sensibility
The Steeles' and Middletons' Sense and Sensibility
Meursault The Stranger (protag. and narrator)
Marie Cardona The Stranger
Raymond Sintes The Stranger
The Chaplain The Stranger
Thomas Perez The Stranger
The Examining Magistrate The Stranger
The caretaker The Stranger
The Director The Stranger
John Yossarian Catch-22
Captain Aardvark Catch-22
Chaplain Tappman Catch-22
Doctor Daneeka Catch-22
Lieutenant Nately Catch-22
The old man in Rome Catch-22
Walter Lee Younger A Raisin in the Sun
Younger Family A Raisin in the Sun
Bobo A Raisin in the Sun
Mr. Karl Lindner A Raisin in the Sun (Only White Character)
Heathcliff Wuthering Heights (Orphan)
Mr. Earnshaw Wuthering Heights
Catherine Wuthering Heights
Edgar Linton Wuthering Heights
Nelly Dean Wuthering Heights
Lockwood Wuthering Heights
Zillah Wuthering Heights
Jim Burden My Antonia
Ántonia Shimerda My Antonia
Lena Lingard My Antonia
Jake Marpole My Antonia
Mrs. Lyuba Ranevsky The Cherry Orchard
Yermolay Lopakhin The Cherry Orchard
Varya and Anya The Cherry Orchard
Billy Pilgrim The Slaughterhouse-Five
Kurt Vonnegut The Slaughterhouse-Five (Yes, he's a minor character)
The O'Hare's The Slaughterhouse-Five
Wild Bob The Slaughterhouse-Five
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