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Johnny Tremain comprehension questions Chps I - VI

1) Name Mr. Lapham's three apprentices. Johnny (14 yrs), Dove (16 yrs), Dusty (11 yrs)
2) Which apprentice is the best, but not the oldest? Johnny
3) Who is Johnny planning to marry at the beginning of the book? Cilla
4) Which of Mrs. Lapham's daughters is constantly sick? Isannah
5) Who comes to the Lapham's shop to get a new sugar basin made? John Hancock
6) Which historical Patriot is also an excellent silversmith? Paul Revere
7) What law did Johnny break the day of the accident? working on the Sabbath (Sunday)
8) Who is possibly Johnny's relative? Mr. Jonathan Lyte
9) What does Johnny have to prove #8? a silver cup
10) Who works for the Boston Observer and helps Johnny by giving him food and clothing? Rab
11) What does Johnny buy for Isannah? limes
12) Name one thing Johnny buys for himself with the money Mr. Hancock gives him. shoes (another thing is a very lavish meal)
13) What is the setting of the book? (city, colony, year) Boston, Massachusetts, 1700s
14) Who is the man who will replace Johnny as silversmith at the Lapham house? Mr. Tweedie
15) What happened when Johnny tried to sell his cup to Mr. Lyte? Lyte stole it
16) Name the two older Lapham daughters. Madge & Dorcas
17) Is Rab a Patriot (Whig) or a Loyalist (Tory) Patriot (Whig) ---He does not agree with King George's laws
18) Who comes to testify on Johnny's behalf? Cilla
19) What was Johnny's new job? horse boy (delivering the Boston Observer newspaper to towns/villages around Boston)
20) Who is Goblin? Johnny's horse
21) What did Johnny practice doing in preparation for the Tea Party? chopping logs
22) Who ran the Boston Observer newspaper? Rab's uncle, Mr. Lorne
23) What did the Patriots dress as for the "tea party"? Indians (Mohawks)
24) What was the name of the secret group of Patriots? Sons of Liberty (or The Observers)
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