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EMS Pankration 1

EMS Pankration Quiz #1 (Prolog- Chapter 3

Did Myron sell silver and gold jewelry in the agora? no
Who is Nic's sister? Artemis
Who spent all his time at the agora selling his fine wares? Nicasylus' stepfather Gorgias
Who is the slave employed by Nic's step father? Phidola
Did Nicasylus' father die from the plague? No
Before the plague came had Nicasylus ever been out of Athens before? No
Who survived the attack on the ship? Gellius
What did Myron kill that landed on his canopy? A rat
What was Myron's straw bed infested with? fleas
What did Nic's step father give him as a gift before he left for Athen? A gold ring.
How was Nicasylus going to get to Argos? By boat
Why was Nic sad? Because Aremis was leaving their home to be married
What did Artemis cook for Nic that he loved? honey cakes
What did Artemis do to help Nicasylus fall asleep? She played her flute.
Why did Gorgias send Nic to Argos? To be away from the plague that was killing Athenians.
Who is Gellus? He was the captain of the ship Nic and Phidola were on to get to Argos.
Who wanted to compete in the Pankration event at the Olympics? Gellius
What is the Pankration event? Contestants fight until one of them surrenders because of pain.
What happens to Gellius during the pirate attack on the ship? He gets attacked and knocked unconscious.
Who dies during the pirate attack on the ship? Phidolas
Who kidnapped Nicasylus ? pirates
Created by: lenzl
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