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Surgical implant placement

When calling the patient into surgery for implant placement what should the nurse ensure. Consent forms have been completed and signed. The patient has followed preoperative instructions such as taking antibiotics or analgesics and that they have a chaperone if being sedated. Any changes in medical history reported to the dentist immediately.
How is the sterile field maintained in the surgery? Surfaces should be disinfected and water lines lines ran for 2 minutes. Sterile drapes are used to cover surgery surfaces and the instruments are placed on top of them to maintain asepsis.
What type of hand-washing should be carried out prior to implant placement? An aseptic/surgical technique which is a minimum of 2 minutes and also includes the washing of the forearms.
The clean nurse may touch? Anything inside sterile bags and the drape pack.
The dirty nurse may touch? Anything on the outside only. They are also responsible for processing radio graphs.
During implant placement the dental nurse should? Be very careful to not let any soft tissue, suction tip or instrument to touch the implant as this can lead to the implant being rejected. Always use titanium instruments during placement.
Following the implant placement the dental nurse should? Give verbal and written post operative instructions, include the risks swelling, numbness, pain and oral hygiene instructions and book follow up appointments for suture removal.
The next day the dental nurse should? Call your patient the next day to check how they are doing. Make notes of any pain, swelling, bruising and numbness.
During the procedure the dental nurse should? Reassure the patient, adjust the overhead light to aid the dentists vision, retract protecting the soft tissues and keeping a clear field of vision whilst also protecting the patient airway.
For patient and staff comfort during the procedure. Ensure the room is well lit, well ventilated to prevent the patient and staff members getting too hot and cool.
Before surgery set up the dental nurse must ensure the following are available. CT scans and radiographs, study models and surgical guide, all necessary instruments and equipment , correct size implant and cover screw/healing abutment, correct PPE. There should also be a sign displayed on the door to limit entry.
Created by: ChristyF
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