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Hematology Exam 4.

Non-Malignant Leukocyte Disorders

Disorder/Disease State Cell(s) Involved Cause of Disorder/DiseaseMajor Lab Findings
Neimann-Picks Disease Macrophages / Monocytes Inherited disorder of lipid metabolism-deficient of enzyme spingomyelin Pick cells, 1-3 eccentric nuclei w/ foamy cytoplasm
Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome T Lymphocytes Viral Infection w/ HIV-1 or HIV-2 ↓ WBC/Lymphs , More CD-8 T Cells than CD-4 T Cells
DiGeorge's Syndrome T Lymphocytes Immune Disorder that results in the attack of CD8 T-Lymphs ↓ WBC/Lymphs, More CD-4 T Cells than CD-8 Cells
Cytomegalovirus Lymphocytes Infection by Herpes, DNA virus cytomegalovirus Leukocytosis w/ slight Lymphocytosis
Alder-Reilly Syndrome Granulocytes/Monocytes Genetic defect in metabolism of mucopolysaccharides Purple-Red staining of granules
Gaucher's Disease Macrophages/Monocytes Cellular lipid disturbance due to b-glucocerobrosidase deficiency Large monocytes w/ 1-3 eccentric nuclei w/ wrinkled cytoplasm
Toxoplasmosis Lymphocytes Ingestion of parasite through exposure to cat feces ↑ Variant Lymphs + Toxo antibodies
Bordetella Pertussuis Lymphocytes Bacterial Infection ↑ Leukocytosis, ↑Lymphocytosis
May-Hegglin Anomaly Granulocytes Genetic Condition Basophilic RNA cytoplasmic inclusions = Dohle Bodies
Chediak-Higashi Syndrome Granulocytes Genetic Disorder-Mutation of LYST-Neutrophils cannot phagocytize Grey-green large cytoplasmic inclusions resemble Dohle Bodies
Infectious Mononucleosis Lymphocytes Infection with Epstein Barr Virus Reactive Lymphocytes & + Result to Heterophil Antibody
Chronic Granulatomous Disease Neutrophils & Monocytes Genetic Disorder resulting in an ability to kill catalase+ bacteria Dysfunctional neutrophils contains vacuoles w/ bacteria
Created by: neishagn
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