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acupuncture theory

Stuff for comps 1

What is a local/distal combination for nosebleed? DU 23 + LI4
Which extra points are used for insomnia? Anmian(aka Yi Ming) and YinTang
Which Luo regulates the LV and brightens the eyes; dispels wind and disinhibits damp? GB 37
Which Luo harmonizes the ST, transforms phlegm-damp, clears the spirit disposition? ST 40
Which Luo clears the spirit-mind, resolves exterior heat, courses channel evils? SI 7
Which Luo dissipates wind and resolves the exterior; clears heat and resolves toxins; frees channels and quickens the connecting vessels? SJ 5
which Luo regulates the waterways, frees the connecting vessels? LI6
Which Luo dispels taiyang pathogens, dissipates wind-damp in the channels and connecting vessels? UB 58
Which xi-cleft removes obstructions from the channel, benefits the eyes and ears, stops pain? SJ 7
Which xi-cleft clears heat and stops pain? UB 63
Which xi-cleft benefits sinews, brightens the eyes, removes obstructions from the channel? SI 6
Which xi-cleft clears heat, stops pain, expels wind and benefits the throat? LI 7
Which xi-cleft subdues rebellious ST qi, removes obstructions from the channel, expels dampness and wind? ST 34
Which xi-cleft removes obstruction in the channel, stops pain? GB 36
3 yang meeting point SJ 8
3 Yang arm muscle meeting point GB13
3 Yin arm meeting point PC 5
3 Yin arm muscle meeting point GB22
Luo of the Du DU 1
Which point is between DU 1 and DU 2? Yan Qi
Which point is located below L5? ShiQiZhuiXia
Which shu nourishes the HT and quiets the spirit, clears heat and stabilizes the disposition, loosens the chest and regulates qi? Xin Shu (HT) UB 15
Which shu supplements construction blood, disperses stasis and dispels hepatocystic damp-heat, stabilizes the spirit and brightens the eyes? Gan Shu (LV) UB 18
Which shu frees the channels and quickens the connecting vessels, soothes the LV and rectifies the qi? Jue Yin Shu (PC) UB 14
Which shu boosts water and invigorates fire, benefits the ears and eyes? She Shu (KD) UB 23
Which shu supports earth to dispel water-damp, rectifies the SP to improve movement and transformation? Pi Shu (SP) UB 20
Which shu courses and regulates the large and small intestine, rectifies qi and transforms stagnation? Da Chang Shu (LI) UB 25
Which shu transforms stagnation and accumulation, promotes the separation of the clear and the turbid? Xiao Chang Shu (SI) UB 27
Which point is located in the depression of the midpoint between the ASIS and the prominence of the greater trochanter? GB 29
Xi-cleft of Yang Wei UB 59
Confluent of Yang Qiao UB 62
Confluent for Dai GB 41
Influential of Marrow GB 39
Luo of GB GB 37
Xi-cleft of GB GB 36
Xi-cleft of Yang Wei GB 35
Influential of Sinews GB 34
where does the stomach channel connect with the Ren? Ren l2 and Ren 13
Which point on the St channel is the empirical point for shoulder pain? ST 38
Which artery must be avoided with ST 9? The carotid
Which artery must be avoided with ST 31? The femoral
Which point on the SI is used for insufficient lactation? SI 1
where does the SP connect with the Ren? Ren 3, Ren 4, and Ren 10
Four points level with the 4th intercostal? ST 17, KD 23, SP 18, Ren 17
Lower He Sea points L. Intestine: ST 37 S. Intestine: ST 39 San Jiao: UB 39
What are the confluent point pairings? PC6 + SP4 SJ5 + GB41 LU7 + KD6 SI3 + UB62
Exit Points LU7, ST42, KD22, PC8, SJ22, GB41
connecting organs of the Spleen Heart, Spleen, and Stomach
Connecting organs of the Small Intestine Heart, Small Intestine, Stomach
Connecting organs of the Kidney Kidney, Liver, Heart, Pericardium, Lung, Bladder
Connecting organs of the Liver Liver, Gallbladder, Lung
What is the first point on the KD channel that is 2 cun lateral? On the ST channel is 4 cun lateral? On the SP channel is 6 cun lateral? KD 22 ST 18 SP 17 All in the 5th Intercostal
SP 12 is where in relation to Ren 2? It is 3.5 cun lateral to Ren 2 on the upper border of the symphysis
SP 13 is where in relation to SP 12? .7 cun superior to SP 12, 4 cun lateral to the midline
SI 4 is between what to bones?
SI 5 is between what to bones? the styloid process of the ulna and the triquetral bone
function of that is typical of the Pericardium channel? Cooling blood
Pericardium 4-7 runs between what to landmarks? tendons of the palmaris longus and flexor carpi radialis
Where is SJ 1 located? on the ulner side of the ring finger
SJ 15 is between what 2 points? GB 21 and SI 13
Which GB point is located in the 7th intercostal space? GB 24
which GB point is located at the free end of the 12th rib? GB 25
Which GB point is located below the free end of the 11th rib GB 26
Which intercostal space is LV 14 located? the 6th intercostal
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