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Herbs IV 'Final'-4

Herbs IV Week 8 Qu4 - Substances for External Application

There are only 4. How hard could it be? All are toxic but one. Which one is not toxic? The snake's bed seed: She Chuan Zi (Fructus cnidi monnieni)
What distinguishes sulphur? It is SOUR and HOT and toxic.
What distinguishes lead? It is COOL, acrid and toxic.
The ones that aren't SOUR/HOT or Acrid/Cool (both are toxic) are both BAW (one toxic, one (the seed) not). What are the main differences between the two BAW substances? One goes to only KID and is not toxic. (The seed). The other one goes to LIV-HT-STOMACH but is neither sweet nor cool. (Lead goes to LIV-HT-SPLEEN. At least it's cool.)
Which two say itching? The lead and the sulphur
The hot & sour one "tonifies Ming Men FIre and strengthens the Yang. Which one is this? Sulphur
The one that goes to only KID (and is BAW but not toxic), also Dispels Wind, Dries Damp and Disperses Cold. (In addition to tonifying Yang). What is it? The snake's bed seed: She Chuan Zi
Which one "Suppresses spasms, dries phlegm" and is used to help treat malaria? Lead!
Both sulphur and lead say they can be used for itching, but which one enters HT-LIV-SP (instead of LI-KID, as sulphur does) to "generate new flesh?" Lead!
Most substances in this External Application (to cool infection) category are Toxic and what temperature? COLD!
Goes to LIV * KID. Tonifies Ming Men Fire to strengthen Yang. Sulphur
Warms the KID, Tonifies Yang, Dispels Wind, Dries Dampness, Disperses Cold. Snake's bed seed
Enters HT-LIV-ST to relieve toxicity, expel phlegm, dry dampness and treat malaria. Realgar aka arsenic
Enters Large Intestine (!!) and Kidney. Strengthens Yang. Sulphur
Suppresses spasms, dries phlegm, treat malaria. Lead
Expels phlegm, dries damp, treats malaria. Arsenic aka realgar
Created by: mrbarr