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Working in the Construction with Teamwork

Teamwork is usually understood as what? Teamwork is generally understood as the willingness of a group of people to work together to achieve a common aim
Is teamwork exclusive to teams? In this context, teamwork might be random co-operation, effectively working together for periods of time.
What makes a team? A team exists when individual strengths and skills are combined in the pursuit of a common direction or cause, in order to produce meaningful results for the team members and achieve the goals set forth.
Teamwork is absolutely fundamental to work effectively, is this true? Yes! Only when the skills and strengths of individual team members are joined with shared goals, and a focus on collective performance, will you start to see the benefits of a team at work. i
What two things dominate teamwork effectiveness? Attitudes and Behavior. They from what you value and are expressed in how you behave.
The French language has a wonderful phrase for teamwork, what is it. esprit de corps.
What does espirit de corps mean? The spirit of a group that makes the members want to succeed. There is a sense of unity, of enthusiasm shared in common interests and responsibilities
Encouraging a high regard on such things as team spirit, respecting others, and valuing their contributions, leads to what? It leads to fostering a sense that more can be achieved by working together, rather than as individuals.
In order to have an atmosphere of mutual support and trust, working together cohesively, will work only when what is valued? Each other’s strengths are valued, accepted and where people are free to disagree constructively, and where both support and challenge are a part of helping a team work.
Is listening needed for teamwork? Yes! How to listen, is the first step in effective communication. Without listening it is impossible to have a dialogue with others – communication becomes one-sided and any sense of teamwork is lost.
Do leaders play a role in how a team performs? Yes! Members of a team first have to listen to their job site manager/teachers/coaches in order to learn how to perform their individual roles. Next they have to learn how to listen to each other in order to function as a cohesive unit.
Do you know how to listen and what that means? How to listen involves picking up on social cues. These social cues are an integral part of the social skills that you will rely on throughout your life.
What is a social cue? A social cue can either be a verbal or non-verbal hint, which can be positive or negative. These cues guide conversation and other social interactions. A few examples of social cues include: facial expression vocal tone body language body posture g
Is listening a form of respect? Yes! How to listen is respect for others, which is an essential aspect not just of being a member of a team but of being a member of society. If you listen, not to just hear, then you are validating what one is saying, and that makes it worthy of cons
Validation means what in communication and teamwork? A recognition or affirmation that a person or their feelings or opinions are valid or worthwhile.
Listening allows you to respect others ideas, what does speaking allow in a team? Speaking allows you to put respect into practice. The way in which you speak with others demonstrates the level of understanding and respect, which is a crucial part of working together.
The more valued and respected people feel, the more their insecurities evaporate. This lessening of insecurities allows for more and better communication that leads to? Better teamwork!
Can teamwork and communication lead to a self-sustaining cycle? Yes! A self-sustaining cycle where participation in a team increases social skills and decreases your insecurities, both of which enhance your enjoyment of and participation in the team.
Do employers prefer employees who have communication and teamwork skills? Yes! Employees who work well with others are happier and more productive in their jobs. Of course happy, productive employees do better in a company, leading to better pay, more promotions, more happiness, and more productivity.
Created by: Justice.Casey



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