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CAM :: Points

CaM :: Points

Amenorrhea Major point Sp6
Amenorrhea d/t Blood Def Ren4, B18, B20, B23, S36, Sp6
Amenorrhea d/t Blood Stasis Ren3, S29, Sp10, Liv3, Li4, Sp6
Uterine Bleeding Major point Moxa Sp1
Uterine Bleeding d/t Excessive Heat Ren3, Sp10, Liv8 (w/ External Heat + Li11; w/ Heart Fire + Ht8; w/ Liver Fire + Liv2)
Uterine Bleeding d/t Qi Def Du20, Ren4, S36, Sp6, Sj4
Morbid Leukorrhea d/t Spleen Def G26, Ren6, B30 (emp), Sp9, S36 (profuse & thick, white or light yellow)
Morbid Leukorrhea d/t Kidney Def G26, K7, B23, Ren4, K12 (profuse, thin & transparent)
Morbid Leukorrhea d/t Damp Heat G26, Ren3, B32, Sp6, Liv3 (odorous & sticky yellow)
Morning Sickness Ren12, P6, S36 (same as Epigastric pain, Vomiting & Hiccups)
Prolonged Labor Sp6, B67
Malposition of Fetus Moxa B67
Prolapsed Uterus Du20, Ren6, Ren12, S36, St29
Inhibit Lactation G41, G37
Insufficient Lactation Ren17, Si1, S18
Wind-Strike: Flaccid Syndrome Ren8, Ren6 (indirect moxa with salt), Ren4
Wind- Strike: Attack on the Meridians & Collaterals [upper & lower limbs] Du20, B7, Du16; [Upper limbs: Li15, Li11, Sj5, Li4; Lower limbs: G30, G34, S36, S41]
Syncope Du26
Sunstroke B40
Common Cold [Wind-Cold; Wind-Heat] Li4; Wind-Cold: Du16, B12, G20, Lu7; Wind-Heat: Du14, Li11, Sj5, Lu10, Lu11]
Malaria Du14, Du13, Sj2, P5, G41, Si3
Cough: Exogenous Pathogenic Invasion B13; Wind-Cold: Lu7, Li4; Wind-Heat: pain&swelling of throat: Lu11; Wind-Heat: fever and aversion to cold: Du14, Sj5.
Cough: Internal Injury B13; Phlegm in the LU: Ren12, Lu5, S36, S40; LU dryness due to Yin deficiency: Lu1, Lu7, Kd6
Coughing Blood Lu6, B17
Cupping for Cough B12 & B13, cutaneous needle on Du&UB meridian
Asthma B13
Asthma Excess Wind Cold: B12, Du16, Lu7, Li4; Phlegm-Heat: Dingchuan(0.5cun lateral to Du14), Ren22, Lu5, S40
Asthma Deficiency Lu Def: Lu9, S36, Sp3; Kd Def: K3, B23, Ren17, Ren6.
Epigastric Pain Ren12, P6, S36.
Vomiting Ren12, S36, P6, Sp4(cold stagnation)
Hiccup B17, Ren12, P6, S36
Hiccup Cupping B17, B46, B18, Ren12, S18
Abdominal Pain Ren12, S36
Abdominal Pain: Cold Accumulation Ren8, Sp4
Abdominal Pain Spleen Yang Def B20, B21, Lv13, Ren6.
Abdominal Pain Ren12, S36
Abdominal Pain: Cold Accumulation Ren8, Sp4
Abdominal Pain Spleen Yang Def B20, B21, Lv13, Ren6.
Acute Diarrhea St36, St25
Chronic Diarrhea St36, B20
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