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What are the three main aspects of kidney physiology? stores essence, govern fluids, absorb qi and is the root of qi
The kidney promotes growth and _______. reproduction
Death= waxing and _____ of essence. waning
Kidney governs fluids, driving force behind Fluid ______. metabolism
Kidney is the root of qi, it is also the root of ______ and _____. yin and yang
Kidney is the source of what type of qi? original qi or early heaven qi
Kidney correlates with what body part? bone
It shows its luxuriance in the _____. hair
What is its emotional affect? fear
What is its fluid, not humor? urine
Kidney opens into the ____ and into the two _______region. ears, lower yin
Kidney is linked to the triple burner in two ways? Triple burner is the special courier of original qi and kidney qi helps push fluids waterways
What is Kidney’s season? winter
What are the external kidneys? testicles and/or ovaries
Life gate fire refers to what aspect of the kidney? kidney yang
What is the human body formed from? essence
Essence is what aspect of qi. Blood, and fluids? material
When does tian qui arrives in men? 2 times 8
When tian gui arrives for a male, essential qi flows downward and yin and yang are in harmony, there is the ability to have a ______. child
Does early heaven depends on later heaven for sustenance? yes
______qi transformation drives the process of _______metabolism. kidney, fluid
Kidney is the root of _____ and ______qi transformation. lung, spleen
Kidney governs the ______ of urine. excretion
Kidney unites with the_______. the triple burner
What downbears ancestral qi to the kidney and the kidney absorbs it. lung
What does the kidney send upwards to the lung? original qi
Kidney qi transformation sends _____fluid to the _____. turbid, bladder
The bladder ____and excretes urine. stores
Bladder qi transformation relies on kidney qi transformation and kidney qi for securing and restraining. True or False true
Kidney qi vacuity leads to failed qi______ or failed securing and restraint. transformation
______ damp-heat obstructs kidney qi transformation. bladder
Created by: nicoleinsd