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PPatho-Unit 9/LO 5


Which Hepatitis Virus is transmitted sexually HBV- transmitted sexually, dirty needles, blood transfusion, mother to newborn
Which Hepatitis Virus has a medication treatment available after you have been exposed to the virus? HCV- there are Anti-viral drugs this is the only one that has treatment and there is NO prevention vaccine
Which Hepatitis Virus has the worst complications and it is rare to recover from HCV- 60%-70% develop chronic liver disease5-20% develop cirrhosis 1-5% die
How is HCV transmitted? Primarily blood transmission.... also IV drug use, and tattoos
How is HAV transmitted? Fecally contaminated food and water
Which Hepatitis virus would be the best to get, because there is a better chance to recover without any lasting effects HAV
Which type of Cirhosis does not have treatment? Alcholic Cirrhosis- you can slow it down by discontinuing alcohol use
Which type is causes the bile ducts in the liver to become inflammed and distructed Primary Billiary cirrhosis
Which typeof cirrhosis occurs when there is an obstruction of the bile ducts? Secondary Billiary Cirrhosis
What are some complications of Cirrhosis? List:
What are some tests that can be used to diagnose Cirrhosis? List:
What is the life expectancy of someone with Cirrhosis after the onset of symptoms? _________ Years
Liver transplant is treatment for which type of Cirrhosis? Primary
Fat Soluble vitamins and ursodeoxycholic acid are treatment for which type of Cirrhosis Primary
Only one type of Cirrhosis has surgery for a treatment which one? Secondary
Created by: tonyavega