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Fundamentals - Liver


______ Restrains earth. Wood
Liver governs________. Free Coursing
Earth must [be subjected to] the reaching of_______. wood
The liver likes orderly reaching and is averse to _______ and ________. repression and depression
Coursing and discharged is a function of the ______. liver
Zhu Dan Xi from the Jin-Yuan Dynasty comes from the school of? yin enriching
Essence Gate or Essence Gate refers to? prostate
Liver stores? blood
If wood qi is not depressed, it can regulate the blood ______. vessels
What are the 4 types of coursing and discharge? Course & discharge of qi. blood,& fluids & Maintain evenness of spirit & courses the digestive functions of the SP & ST & Controls the release of semen and menses
Free flow of qi, blood, and body fluids depends on the regulation of the ____ ________. Qi dynamic
When qi stagnates, blood _____ forms. stasis
When qi moves, _____moves. blood
What direction does liver qi flows? upwards
Free coursing failure leads to irregular menses, painful menses, breast masses, testicular lumps, concretions and gathers aka masses in abs, hepatomegaly because of ________. blood stasis
If qi does not move ____ does not move and causes phlegm, water swelling, plum seed qi, thyroid enlargement and nodules. fluid
If there is free coursing failure leads to fluid pathology, where does water qi stop? What are the symptoms of the lower abdomen? at the bladder, distention
Although, the heart governs spirit, the liver has a major role. Why? free and unhibited flow of qi and blood = eveness of affect
Emotional repression and depression, desire to sigh, suspicion, oppression of the chest are signs of? liver depression
The liver drives the digestive function of the _____ and _______. spleen and stomach
What direction does spleen qi flow? It absorbs the essence of water and grain and send it to the ______ and _______. upbears, heart and lung
What direction does stomach qi flow? It sends the clear or turbid from water and grain down to the ______and _______ ___________. downbears, small and large intestine
The liver control the timely release of ? And controls the regularity of? semen, menstruation
If liver is depressed, the essence gate cannot open, which prevents the ability to? orgasm or ejaculation
If there is depressed fire the essence gate opens too quickly, which may cause? spermatorrhea, premature ejaculation
Liver blood nourishes what 4 aspect of the body? eye, nails, sinews, uterus
If liver yang is hyperactive, what region of the body does it show? Why? upper body because of its upbearing
What aspect of the liver is yin? What aspect of liver is yang? storing and nourishing by blood, movement of qi and blood
What season does liver relates to? spring
Liver governs free coursing and regulates the qi dynamics including the secretion of ____. bile
LV depression leads to ___mvmt and transformation___, which leads to ___-heat which can affect the LV & ____. Signs: Depression essence-spirit; rib-side distention and pain refers to ________; abdominal distention and diarrhea, loss of appetite refers t splenic, failure, damp, gallbladder, liver, spleen, gallbladder
Spleen fails to manage the blood, which leads to ________; then liver blood______. bleeding, vacuity
How is liver-kidney and essence-blood are the same source? mutually transform
Ministerial fires are shared by what 4 viscera-bowels? triple burner, liver, kidney, gallbladder
Liver-Kidney ______enrich. mutually
When liver and kidney yin are full, they not only engender each other, but liver yang is prevented from becoming_______. hyperactive
______ and ______ both possess ministerial fire. liver and kidney
Liver ministerial fire keeps blood from becoming _____. cold
Kidney ministerial fire spreads throughout the entire _____ and interacts with the _______. body, heart
Why is insomnia is a symptom of liver kidney yin vacuity? too much yang, shen cannot be stored in the heart
Ministerial fire is controlled and peacefully guarded with the _____and ____. liver and kidney
Too much heat can make the periods _______ or _______. frenetic, scanty
What is the bowel of the liver? gallbladder
Liver and gallbladder free coursing rely on each other for digestion of ____ and ____. grain and water
Liver free coursing aids in the _____ and _____ of bile. secretion and storage
Gallbladder release of _____benefits liver free coursing. bile
The liver holds the office of the ______; it is responsible for making strategies. general
The gallbladder holds the office of ____; decision emanates from it. justice
Failure of liver free coursing obstructs secretion and discharge of _____. bile
Unsmooth secretion and discharge of bile affects liver_____ ________. free coursing
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