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EMS Pankration Char

EMS Pankration Character Quiz-Prologue, Chap 1 & 2

Who said there is a plague in Athens? Phidolas
Who is Phidolas'master? Nicasylus
Who slipped a gold ring off his little finger? Gorgias
Who cried himself to sleep when his father died? Gellius
Who would have looked at things closely and would have enjoyed his walk home if he knew what was about to happen? Myron
Who said to Nicasylus I need a happy thought to take with me tonight? Artiemis
Who is a slave, described the plague, and helped Nicasylus Phidolas
Who is Nicasylus? He is a 13 year old. He is very demanding and is called "little sparrow" by his sister.
Who is a stall-holder, seller of sweets and is unmarried? Myron
Who is Artemis? She is a sister, played the flute and had black hair.
Who did not have his own well, was married to Artemis, and about 30 years old? Pittacus
Who is Gorgias? A distant cousin of Nic's father, loved to debate and made gold jewelry.
Who lives in Argos, Gorgias' brother and receives carrier pigeons? Diagoras
Who is Gellius? He wants to win the olive crown, is the ship's captain and enjoyed laughing.
Created by: lenzl