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The Pearl Ch 5/6 Voc

wrenched twisted or jolted suddenly away from
bared revealed or showed
preservation protection; maintenance of existence
exhilaration excitement or joy
interval a period of time between two points or instances
edifice a large, imposing structure
rummaged searched through
forestalled prevented or stopped
crouching bending down; hunching over
divert to move off course
monotonously dully and tediously, without variation
lumbered walked heavily or awkwardly
resinous sticky, organic substance similar to pitch or gum
interwoven entwined together; blended
sentinel a guard stationed to keep watch
goading prodding or urging on
petulant annoyed; sulking
murmur soft, low, sometimes inaudible speech
intercession the act of intervening or pleading for another person
malignant harmful or life-threatening
Created by: mark roberts



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