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Of Mice & Men Vocab

Of Mice and Men Vocab

Crestfallen Dejected, discouraged
Scornful Open dislike for someone/something
Mauled To injure by a rough beating, shoving, etc.
Aloof At a distance, especially in a feeling or interest.
Bemused Puzzled, confused, or bewildered
Mollify To appease the anger or anxiety of (someone)
Reverently With deep and solemn respect
Pugnacious Inclined to quarrel or fight
Lynch Of a mob killing someone, especially by hanging.
Sullenly Not friendly; distant
Juncture A point of time, especially one made critical by important by a concurrence of circumstances; A crossroad
Entranced To fill with delight or wonder
Scoff to speak derisively; mock or jeer
Console To comfort someone in a time of grief.
Subsided To become less intense, violent, or severe
Debris Remains of anything broken down or destroyed; ruins or rubble
Subdued (Of a person or their manner) Quiet and rather reflective or depressed
Receptive Willing to consider/accept new ideas or suggestions
Disarming To remove hostility
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