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Physical Dysfunction

Chapter 35: Oncology

What is Neoplasm? New abnormal growth of cells
What is Low grade? Slow development and spread
What is High grade? Rapid development and spread
What is metastasize? Moves and start in new site
What is Carcinoma? Arises from (e)pithelial tissue
What is Sarcoma? Arises from connective tissues
What is Lymhoma? Arises from cellular components of lymph nodes
What is Leukemia? Arises from blood-forming organs such as bone marrow
What happens from cancer arising in bone marrow causing anemia? Abnormal blood count
What happen when cancer arising in endocrine tissue producing pseudohomones? Elevated hormone levels
What is Pananeoplastic syndrome? Group of rare disorders that develop in some people who have cancer
How to diagnosis cancer? 1. Abnormal blood count 2. Elevated hormone levels 3. Pananeoplastic syndrome
CAT Computerized Axial Tomography used to contrast dye to diagnose a solid tumor
MRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging helpful with soft tissue tissue and diagnosing spinal disorders
PET Positron Emission Tomography looks at the function and store of body and good at spotting tumors in the body
Bone scan Used in routine follow up that produces a three dimensional representation
What is External beam radiation therapy (radiation) ? Directed at a specific site or region
What is Brachytherapy (radiation) ? Implantation of radioactive seeds into the bed
The stages of Kubler- Ross stages of grief? 1. Denial 2. Bargaining 3. Anger 4. Depression 5. Hope 6. Acceptance
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