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Tcm pt.fx. Lu-SI

Tcm review NCCAOM acupuncture review

Disseminate and descends LU Qi and alleviates cough and wheezing. Transforms phlegm. Clears heat and regulates the water passages. Descends St Qi (regulates LU Qi for cough phlegm and/or excess in chest. Stops pain) LU 1
Clears heat form the lungs and descends rebellious Qi. Regulates the water passages. Actives the channel and alleviates pain relaxes the sinews. (Phlegm heat in the LU or phlegm in the LU) LU 5
Disseminates and descends LU Qi. Clears heat and moistens the lungs. Clears heat and stops bleeding. Moderates acute conditions. (Cough with blood (hemoptysis)) LU 6
Release exterior&expel wind. Promotes descend function of LU. Pacifies wind&phlegm. Benefits head&nape. Opens&regulates REN. Regulates water passages. Actives channel&alleviates pain, Opens nose. (Wind cold, LU&Ren Yin def, Yang edema, moves Qi in chest) LU 7
Tonifies lung & transforms phlegm. Promotes descending function of the lung. Regulates & harmonizes the 100 vessels. Actives channel/alleviates pain Tonify gathering Qi. Clears heat from LU and LIV.(tonify LU/HT, benefits vessels, treats chronic cough.) LU 9
Benefits the throat. Clears lung heat. Descend rebellious Qi and harmonizes the stomach and heart. (Clears lung heat) LU 10
Revives consciousnesses. Clears heat and benefits the throat. (Heat in the lungs. Wind heat. Good for asthma, soar throat & loss of voice (bleeding technique. And mental disorders) LU 11
Reg. Wei Qi&adjusts sweating. Expel wind&release the exterior. Regulates the face, eyes, nose, mouth, ears. Actives the channel&alleviates pain induce labor. Restores the Yang. (Clears ext&int wind, stop pain, com. pt. Face, clear nose. C.I. Pregnancy) LI 4
Expels wind and clears heat. Opens and regulates the water passages. (Wind water invasion Yang edema) LI 6
Clears heat. Cools the blood. Eliminate wind. Drains damp. Alleviates itching. Regulates Qi and blood. Actives the channel and alleviates pain. (Organ heat. Wind heat. Blood heat. Toxic heat. Deficiency heat) LI 11
Opens the nasal passages. Expels wind and clears heat. (Opens nasal passages) LI 20
Eliminates wind from the face. Actives the channel and alleviates pain. (Bell’s Palsy, Trigeminal Neuralgia, facial paralysis) ST 4
Eliminates wind and BENEFITS JAW AND TEETH. Actives the channel and alleviates pain. (Bell’s Palsy, Tirgeminal Neuralgia, facial paralysis) ST 6.
Eliminates wind and alleviates pain. Bnefits the eyes. (Yang Ming HA, dizziness due to phlegm) ST 8
Benefits the breasts and reduces swelling. Unbinds the chest and alleviates cough and wheezing. (Mastitis, insufficient lactation, premenstrual breast swelling, breast lumps) ST 18
Harmonizes the MJ and lower rebellion. Descends Qi and alleviates cough and wheezing. (Descends and regulates ST Qi, supporting point for REN 12) ST 19
Regulates Qi and alleviates pain. Harmonizes the MJ and transforms stagnation. Raises the Qi and stops diarrhea. (Descends and regulates ST Qi, supporting point for REN 12, lifts the abdomen for abdominal prolapse) ST 21
Regulates Qi and alleviates pain. Regulates the intestines and benefits urination. (Resolves damp in the Middle Jiao, enuresis) ST 22
Regulates the intestines. Regulates the SP and ST. Resolves dampness and damp heat. Regulates Qi and blood and eliminates stagnation. (Abdominal distention, constipation and diarrhea) ST 25
Benefits the kidneys and firms essence. Regulates Qi and promotes urination. (Regulates Qi in the Lower Jiao for Qi stagnation issues. Stops pain and expels cold) ST 27
Regulates the Lower Jiao and dispels stagnation. Benefits the UB and the uterus. (Regulates FLUIDS in the Lower Jiao for water accumulation and menstrual disorders) ST 28
Regulates the Lower Jiao and dispels stagnation. Benefits the bladder and the uterus. (Regulates BLOOD in the Lower Jiao for blood stasis issues.) ST 29
Actives the ST channel and alleviates pain. Moderates acute conditions. (All types of pain issues in the ST channel especially cold) ST 34
Fortify ST/SP resolve damp, support CorrectQi, Foster YuanQi, tonify Qi, nourish blood/Yin, clear fire, clam Shen, act. channel/allev pain, revive Yang. Tonify Qi&blood. Reg. Middle Jiao Qi, cmd. Pt fu organs. ex/def conditions, heat/cold synd) ST 36
Regulates the intestines and transforms stagnation. Clears damp heat and alleviates diarrhea and dysenteric disorder. Regulates the SP/ST. Actives the channel and alleviates pain. (Regulates LI Qi for all LI excess disorders) ST 37
Moves SI Qi and transforms stagnation. Regulates and harmonizes the intestines and clears damp heat and actives the channel and alleviates pain (regulates SI Qi for all small intestine disorders, excess or deficiency ST 39
Transforms phlegm &dampness. Benefits chest. Clears phlegm from LU & alleviates cough/wheezing. Clears phlegm from the HT and calms Shen. Actives the channel and alleviates pain (all phlegm issues (vis/invis), descend ST Qi to calm shen, moves ST Qi stag) ST 40
Clears heat from the ST channel and alleviates pain. Harmonize & clears the intestines. Calms Shen. (Clears heat in the YangMing ch. treats YangMing HA, helps w/Trigeminal neuralgia. Facial paralysis. ST 44 Nei Ting
expels Wind, clears Heat, reduces swelling and alleviates pain (especially good for draining excess from the opposite end of the channel) LI 2
Clears heat form the ST channel and alleviates pain. Harmonizes the intestines and clears damp heat. Calms the spirit. (Irregular menstrual bleeding. calm mind for sleep disorders) SP 1
Tonifies the spleen and resolves dampness and damp heat. Harmonizes the spleen and ST. Regulates Qi (tonifies SP and strengthen its functions). SP 3
Fortifies spleen&harmonizes the MJ. Regulates Qi&resolves dampness. Calms shen. Benefits heart&chest. Regulates penetrating vessel. (Clears 5 stag from MJ (cold, Qi stag, blood stasis, damp/phlegm & food stag, NOT HEAT). Stop uterine bleed&tonifies blood) SP 4
Fortifies the spleen and resolves dampness. Benefits the sinews and bones. Calms the shen. (Used as a local pint for edema on the foot) SP 5
Tonify SP/ST. Resolves damp. Harmonize liv & tonifies KID. Regulate menses&induces labor. Harmonizes the LJ. Regulates urination & benefits genitals. Calm shen. Invig blood.(Nourish Yin. Soothes LIV Qi stag & remove SP damp. 3 leg Yin. Tonify/reg. fluids SP 6
Regulates menses and invig blood. Harmonizes the SP and resolves damp. Moderates acute conditions. Sp8
Reg. The SP & resolves damp. Opens and moves the water passages. Benefits the Lower Jiao. (Resolves damp, regulates water for water metabolism problems such as edema, urinary disturbance etc SP 9
Invigorates the blood and dispels stasis. Cools blood. Harmonizes menstruation. Benefits the skin. (Moves and cools blood) SP 10
Moves Qi and regulates the intestines. (Local point for abdominal distension or Pain form LIV overacting on SP SP 15
Regulates Qi and blood and firms the sinews and joints. Unbinds the chest and benefits the lateral costal region. (All over aches and pain w/out an underlying cause. General muscle pain). SP 21
Calms the spirit. Regulates heart rhythm. Benefits the tongue. Actives the channel and alleviates pain (nourish gi Qi. Aphasia and other speech issues. SI Heat). HT 5
Regulates HT blood. Calms the spirit. Moderates acute conditions. Clears deficiency fire and alleviates night sweating. (Tonifies HT Yin and treats night sweats). HT 6
Calms the spirit. Regulates and tonifies the HT. (Tonifies HT blood. Treats insomnia and palpitations. Calms shen) HT 7
Clears heat from the HT & SI. Calms the shen. Regulates HT Qi. Actives the channel and alleviates pain (clears HT heat). HT 8
Revives consciousness. Clears heat and benefits the tongue, eyes, and throat. Regulates HT Qi and calms the spirit. (Clears HT heat and opens orifices for phlegm misting the mind). HT 9
Clears heat and benefits the sensory orifices. Revives consciousness. Promotes lactation and benefits the breasts. (Increases milk flow. Reduces breast abscesses or mastitis. SI 1
Clears wind heat and reduces swelling. Benefits the eyes, ears and throat. Actives the channel and alleviates pain. (Clears SI heat) SI 2
Benefits the occiput, neck & back. Actives the channel and alleviates pain clears wind&heat, treats malaria. Calms the spirit. Treats epilepsy. Clear heat & benefits sensory orifices. Regulates Du.(back problems, spinal issues. Clear vertex HA, opens Du) SI 3
Clears heat and reduces swelling. Calms the spirit. (Clears SI heat) SI 5
Actives the channel and alleviates pain. Benefits the shoulder and arm. Moderates acute conditions. Benefits the eyes. (Treats geriatric eye diseases). SI 6
Clears heat and releases the exterior. Calms the spirit. Actives the channel and alleviates pain. Benefits the finger joints. (Treats torticollis when there is difficulty rotating the neck. SI 7
Expel wind and benefits the ear. Activates the channel and alleviates pain. (Crossing point for the ST and SI and treats deafness and tinnitus) SI 19
Created by: Jkellycal
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