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Sam - Chapter 6 History Terms with Sentences

Prophet Moses was a prophet who heard God deliver the ten commandments
Monotheism Christianity, Judaism and Islam are all monotheistic religions because they all believe in one God.
Tribe We often refer to my soccer team as a tribe because we not only play together but enjoy many of the same activities.
Exodus There was an exodus when the Jonas brothers concert ended as everyone was trying to get home in a hurry.
Covenant The contract had a restrictive covenant that wouldn’t let you go on the land
Torah The rabbi reads the Torah every Sunday at Sunday School.
Commandment God’s 10 Commandments are life everlasting
Alphabet The Phoencian alphabet takes a form very close to the English alphabet
Psalm During service, the first reading of scripture is followed by the singing of the psalm
Exile The exile period marks the ways of development for the Hebrew religion
Proverb In the Bible proverbs is a book that contains truths or wisdom
Synagogue I go every Wednesday and Sunday to the synagogue to practice the Hebrew Bible
Sabbath Many stores in the Us are closed on Sunday as the Sabbath day is known as time for rest
Scroll Each person was given a scroll with information on there first day of class
Kosher There is a label on kosher meat which shows the name of the person that killed it and the date
Diaspora One of history's great periods involved that of the Greek and Roman domination to the destruction of Jerusalem, and that of the Diaspora or Dispersion to the present day.
Rabbi The rabbi at the temple teaches everyone how to practice Judaism.
Culture My Aunt Bogi is from Hungry, she has a distinctive culture including its own language,customs,holidays, and music
Locust A locust plague is destroying East African crops and may become a threat to other countries
Extract She used tweezers to extract the splinter from the crying baby’s finger
Ensure She froze then looked around to ensure no one was looking
Found I was extremely excited when I found out I got into BAK
Devotion This project requires a great deal of time, devotion and energy
Tension The gymnast shook the tension out of her shoulders before she mounted the bars
Created by: BakMSOA819
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