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Bus Law 3.01

Understand employment law.

Age Discrimination Act in Employment Prohibits discrimination against 40+ year olds in businesses with 20 or more employees
Agency Shop Employees don't have to join a union but still must pay Union dues
Americans with Disabilities Act Prohibits discrimination based on disabilities if the disability doesn't prevent performing basic functions of a job
Closed Shop Must join a union before being hired
Disparate Impact Making a seemingly fair decision that negatively impacts a protected class
Employee Person who works for payment
Employer Entity that pays someone for their labor
Employment Law Law that governs interaction between employees and employers
Employment-at-will You can be fired at the will of the employer (Some contracts get around this)
Express Employment Agreement Formal contract, either written or oral, that states the terms of employment
Fair Labor Standards Act Sets overtime, minimum wage, and age requirements for some jobs
Family and Medical Leave Act Provides employees with unpaid leave that doesn't risk their job for certain family and medical matters
Implied Employment Agreement Contract that, through actions and comments, allows someone to infer the terms of employment
Independent Contractor Employee who is not subject to the control or supervision of an employer
North Carolina Department of Labor Promotes well-being of workers by enforcing occupational health standards, sets minimum wage and maximum hours per week, provides apprenticeships, and conducting inspections on workplaces.
North Carolina Employment Provisions of the Wage and Hour Act for Nonagricultural Occupations Establishes labor standards for 17 year olds and below, and children can work whenever for family businesses
Occupational Safety and Health Act Establishes and promotes workplace safety for businesses
Open Shop You're not required to join a union or pay union dues
Right-to-Work Law Employers cannot force an employee to join a union
Social Security Act Act that provides disability, unemployment, and retirement benefits
The Civil Rights Act of 1991 Employers must prove they hire based on job qualification
Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 Prohibits discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, and sex
Unemployment Compensation Gives unemployment benefits to people who lose their job to no fault of their own
Union Organization of employees trying to get better working conditions
Union Shop You can be hired without joining a union, but must join a union within a period of time
Workers' Compensation Employer must compensate their employees for any injuries sustained on the job
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