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Famous Characters

A collection of famous fictional characters throughout literature.

Shakespeare’s magnificent Dane-in-the-doldrums takes first place, not least for the unsurpassed fame of his musing "To be, or not to be." He talks more than any other Shakespearean creation, and is, by many measures, the character most talked about Hamlet
Quick-witted and crafty, and ruthless as well, this versatile playboy of the Mediterranean world was irresistible to human women and goddesses alike. And who else could shoot an arrow through 12 axes?; 3000-year cultural odyssey Odysseus
Biblical mother of us all, she is the first to claim humanity’s gift of free choice, for good or ill Eve
Hero of the world’s first novel, and the deepest fictional influence on Japan for 1000 years; multitalented "shining prince" showed his greatest aptitude in the field of romance. In the closed society of Heian Japan Genji
Hero of the Mahabharata, the national epic of India, this master archer conquered in the realms of love, war, and the spirit. Desired by many women, he won his most remarkable wife, Draupadi, in an archery contest; Arjuna
most real of modern characters, the Baker Street detective; Conan Doyle couldn’t kill him—when he sent him tumbling to the bottom of the Reichenbach Falls, readers demanded that he be resurrected to pursue further adventures Sherlock Holmes
Hero of China’s greatest novel, Dream of the Red Chamber, effeminate youth, he is pampered by his wealthy Chia family, whose machinations place him at the apex of a tragic love triangle, Dreamer, who suffers from the poignant illusions of life Chia Pao-yu
Created by: maleqr
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