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PBE 2020 Ezra 6

According to Ezra 6:2, where was the scroll found? Achmetha in the province of Media
According to Ezra 6:2, in what province was Achmetha found? Media
According to Ezra 6:2, what was found in Achmetha in the province of Media? the scroll
According to Ezra 6:3, what were the dimensions of the foundations of the temple? 60 cubits by 60 cubits
According to Ezra 6:4, how many rows of heavy stones were to be laid? 3
According to Ezra 6:4, from where were the expenses to be paid? the king’s treasury
According to Ezra 6:4, until what time did Ezra sit astonished? evening sacrifice
According to Ezra 6:6, who was the governor of the region beyond the river? Tattenai
According to Ezra 6:6, what was Tattenai? the governor of the region beyond the river
According to Ezra 6:9, list the seven items people were to give at the request of the priests? young bulls, rams, lambs for burnt offerings, wheat, salt, wine, oil
According to Ezra 6:11, what was the punishment of altering the edict? 2pts timber pulled from his house and erected and let him be hanged on it, let his house me made a refuse heap
According to Ezra 6:14, according to whose commandment did the elders of the Jews build? 4pts God of Israel Cyrus, Daius, Artexeres king of Persia
According to Ezra 6:15, when was the temple finished? Give day, month, and year. 3rd day of the month of Adar in the 6th year of King Darius’ reign
According to Ezra 6:17, how many male goats were offered? 12
According to Ezra 6:17, how many bulls were sacrificed? 100
According to Ezra 6:17, what animal was sacrificed as a sin offering? male goats
According to Ezra 6:17, how many lambs were sacrificed? 400
According to Ezra 6:17, how many rams were sacrificed? 200
According to Ezra 6:19, on what day and month did the descendants of the captivity keep the Passover? 14th day of the 1st month
According to Ezra 6:19, who kept the Passover? Be specific. the descendants of the captivity
According to Ezra 6:19, what did the descendants of the captivity keep? the Passover
According to Ezra 6:22, whose heart did the Lord turn? the king of Assyria
According to Ezra 6:22, how long did they keep the Feast of Unleavened Bread? 7 days
Created by: Dandanguapa



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