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Boards foundations 2

Tcm foundations 2

Which organ governs water Kidney
Which organ easily suffers from fire or phlegm fire St
Which organ regulates the water passages Lu
Worry makes Qi Stagnate or knot
Which of the seven emotions might manifest with the symptoms of abdominal and epigastric discomfort? Pensivness
Which organ is the official of irrigation SJ
Which organ controls the diffusing and descending of Qi and body fluids Lu
Which organ controls saliva Sp
Which of the six climates has the symptoms of chills, fever, sweating, headaches, thirst, and superficial rapid pulse? Summer heat
Nails are a by product of which organ Liv, sinews
Fear makes Qi Descend or decline
What organ controls spittle Kidney
Shock makes Qi Scatter/ derange
Which pint sis the point of Po UB 42
Which is the only ynag organ that stores GB
Which organ is in charge of memorixing Spleen
Which organ is affected if the patient is dreaming of parasites. SI
Anger makes Qi Rise up ascend
What are characteristic of YE Moves with nutritive Qi. Moisten the joints, spine, brain and bone marrow. Lubricates the eyes. Moves slowly
Sadness makes Qi Consume dissolve
Which point is the point of he hun UB 47
Which organ is in charge of long term memory. Heart
Which organ controls the descending of Qi Lu
Joy makes Qi. Slow down. Relax
Which organ is responsible for producing the tongue coating St
Which zang organ dreams of building a house. Sp
Which organ controls the reception of Qi Kid
Which organ controls sweat Heart
What is a symptom of shen disturbance Respiration is uneven, shallow with shortness of breath
Which organ is responsible for the quality and length of sleep Gb
Feelings of jealousy, suspicion and long standing grudges are associated with which organ UB
Which organ is in charge of short term memory. Kid
Which organ is responsible for dreams of fragrant mushrooms in the spring Liver
Which emotion causes epigastric discomfort, abdominal distention, discomfort in chest and tense shoulders Worry
which ortgan is affected if the patient is dreaming of fights trials and suicides. Gb
Which organ is affected if the patient is dreaming of voyages Ub
Created by: Jkellycal