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Clin Skills Final

Clinical Skills I

SP9 post med bord tib, inf tib condyle Perpendicular 1-1.5 cun
SP10 2c sup patella, directly above SP9 Perp or Oblq 1-1.5 cun
LV8 flx knee, sup med end pop crease, ant tend Perp or Slt.Post 1-1.5 cun
KD7 2c sup KD3 (b/t med mall/achilles), ant border achilles Perp 0.5 - 1 cun
ST36 3c inf patella, lat tib crest Perp 1-1.5 cun
GB34 1c ant/inf head of fibula Perp or Slt. Oblq Post 1-1.5 cun
GB40 anterior / inferior to lat malleoulus Perp, twrd KD6, 1-1.5 cun
SJ5 2 cun prox SJ4(wrist crease), b/t rad and ulna Slt. oblq. toward Ulna 0.5 to 1.5 cun
SJ6 3 cun prox to SJ4, radial to EDC Slt. oblq. toward Ulna 0.5 to 1.5 cun
DU20 line drawn between apex of both ears, top of Head 0.3 cun transverse , fwd or back (0.5-1 cun)
LV13 ant/inf free end 11th rib Perp 0.5 - 1 cun (trnv or obl, med or lat along rib)
LV14 6th ICS, below nipple 0.5 - 1 cun Perp(obl med/lat)
GB25 inf end 12th rib 0.3 - 0.5c Perp (0.5 - 1cun)
GB26 below free end 11th rib, level w/ navel 0.5 - 1cun Perp
REN17 midline b/t 4th ICS, b/t nipples tranv, 0.5-1.0c, any direct
REN12 midline, 4 cun superior to navel perp 0.8-1.5c
REN6 1.5 cun inferior to navel perp 0.8-1.5c
LU1 1 cun inf LU2 in 1st ICS, 6 cun lateral to AML Transverse obl (med)/lat, 0.5-1 cun
UB10 1.3c lat DU15, 0.5 c in hairline Perp 0.5-0.8 cun
UB13 1.5 cun lateral to BSP T3 obl med 0.5-1 cun
UB18 1.5 cun lateral to BSP T9 obl med 0.5-1 cun
UB20 1.5 cun lateral to BSP T11 obl med 0.5-1 cun
UB23 1.5 cun lateral to BSP L2 perp 1-1.5 cun (obl med)
UB42 3 cun lateral to BSP T3 obl 0.3-0.5 cun
UB43 3 cun lateral to BSP T4 obl 0.3-0.5 cun
UB60 b/t lat mall and achilles 0.5-1 cun Perp
UB62 below lat mall, post tendons obl or perp (inf) 0.3-0.5 cun
SI3 loose fist, crease uln border of hand 0.5-2 cun perp
DU14 BSP C7 perp obl sup 0.5-1c
DU15 0.5 in PHL or 0.5 inf Du16 Perp, sl inf 0.5 - 1 cun
DU4 BSP L2 perp 0.5-1c
DU11 BSP T5 obl sup 0.5-1c
UB15 1.5 cun lateral to BSP T5 obl med 0.5-1c
GB30 1/3 b/t gr troch&sacrocox hiatus perp 2-3.5c, twrd gentials
GB31 lat thigh, 7c sup pop crease perp 1-2c
GB39 3c sup lat mall, b/t pst fib and tendons perp 1-1.5c
GB41 puka distal jct 4th/5th MT, lat tendon perp or obl dist 0.5-1c
GB14 1c sup mid eyebrow tranv inf 0.5-0.8c
ST7 inferior to zygomatic arch, anterior to condyloid perp or tranv, sl inf 0.5-1c
LU3 3c inf axil fold, b/t lat border biceps&humerus perp 0.5-1c
HEP A method of contraction, general Sx's, incubation a) Foodhandling, feces b) milder, no chronicity, immunity conferred c) Range 15 to 50 days
HEP B contraction, sx's, incubation a) bloodborne b) can be chronic, endemic to IV drug users, can be a carrier w/ no sx's c) 50 to 180 days
HEP c contraction, sx's, incubation a) bloodborne b) always chronic, endemic to IV drug users, 40% to 60% of chronic LV dz comes from this, always infectious from 1 week after exposure on c) 20 to 90 days
HIV a) Bloodborne b) infectious immediately after contraction, most develop AIDS w/i 10 years c) 2 to 15 years
Cross Infection From one thing to another, from environment or self to patient
Autogenous Infection Where pathogens from patient's own body are inserted into deeper layers of fascia, infection from their own bacteria
Contraindications for 7 star Not in neuropathy, open sores
Contraindications for Bleeding Not in Patient's on blood thinners (cumadin, warfarin, etc.)
Contraindications for Gua Sha Not over broken skin, pimples or large moles
Contraindications for Cupping Not during Herpes Zoster, broken skin, tumors, growths, nodules, ** IF during acute wind invasion need to bundle up afterword
Aseptic Techniques techniques for preventing infection during invasive procedures, such as surgery, dressing wounds or puncturing the skin
Antiseptic Products designed to reduce density of microbial life on living tissue, particularly on the skin of the patient and practitioner
Clean Technique The use of techniques (antisepsis, disinfection, sterilization, washing, etc.) to reduce the risk of infxn of patients, practi, and office personnel
Clean Field Are that has been prepared to contain the equip. necessary to protect the sterility of the needles. This includes not only the surface on which the needles are placed but patient's skin
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