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Sports Med Final

CPR and first aid stuff!!!

Question / Term / Key IdeaAnswer / Definition
Teeth Avulsion steps? 1 - rinse, not scrub 2 - crown, not root 3 - Save a tooth (or coconut water) 4 - check for lacerations 5 - Refer
Stroke acronym/mnemonic? F - ace (Drooping) A - rms (Bilateral raise) S - peech (Slurred Speech) T - ime (Time to call 911)
Heart Attack (how to treat it) 1 - Aspirin 2 - Call 911
Nosebleed (how to treat it) 1 - Pressure 2 - Lean forward
Severe Bleeding (how to treat it) 1 - Pressure 2 - Elevate 3 - Pulse points pressure 4 - Tourniquet
Severe Allergic Reaction (how to treat it) Epi-Pen for 10 seconds mid-thigh, rub spot for 10 seconds
Amputated finger (how to treat it) 1 - Rinse 2 - Wrap in gauze 3 - Bag in bag of ice
Seizure (how to treat it) 1 - Call 911 2 - Put pillow/cushion/towel under head
Choking (how to treat it) Large Human/Pregnant - Lower half of breastbone, straight back Normal - UP and IN above belly button
Heat Stroke vs Heat exhaustion Heat Stroke has greater than 104 Internal Temperature, plus CNS dysfunctions
What to do if person has a Heat Stroke 1 - Call 911 2 - Immerse in cold water
Asthma Inhaler (how to use it) 1 - Inhale for 3-5 seconds 2 - Hold for 10 seconds
Mild vs Severe Hypothermia 1 - CNS Dysfunctions 2 - Shivering stops
Hypothermia (what is it) Body temperature less than 95 degrees
Hypothermia (how to treat it) Apply heat to trunk, not extremities
Frostbite (what is it) Freezing of body tissue
Frostbite (how to treat it) Rewarm at 98 degrees for 15 - 30 mins
Mild vs Severe Allergic Reaction Severe reactions include swelling, full body hives, difficulty breathing
When do you check if the scene is safe? When you see a potential victim
Soon as an AED becomes available, what should you do? Turn it on
After the AED delivers a shock, what should you do? Start CPR
Check a pulse of an unresponsive person for how long? 10 seconds
After identifying that they're unresponsive, when should you start CPR? Less than 10 seconds
Who needs CPR? Unresponsive, no normal breathing, absent adequate pulse
Where do you do compressions? Lower half of breastbone
How many BPM for CPR? 100 or 120 BPM
How deep is your compression? 2 inches
How to know if your rescue breath is good? Their chest rises
When you arrive to an unresponsive child, you should call 911 immediately False
When you arrive to an unresponsive child (without a phone), you should leave them and call 911 False
Somebody gets unresponsive after an airway obstruction is caught in their throat. What do you do? Start CPR
Type 1 Diabetes, blood sugar's low, what do you do? Give them any sugar
How to do a splint? Ulna + radius, above & below, check pulse before AND after
Chest pressure, jaw pain, pain radiating into the upper extremity and left arm are symptoms of what? Heart attack
What medicine is used to help with heart attacks? Aspirin
What does CAB stand for? C - ompressions B - reathing A - irways
What does CPR stand for? Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation
What does AED stand for? Automated External Defibrilator
Created by: mooki
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