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SEM Unit 3

Exam Review

An important part of target marketing in the sports and entertainment industry involves appealing to potential customers who have what resource Disposable income
Which is a factor that sports and event marketers consider when targeting customers for a specific event Demographics
Males between the ages of 18-35 who are sports minded and live in Orlando, Florida is an example of what group Niche market
When a sports marketer considers factors such as lifestyles and interest levels in a specific sport, he or she is segmenting a market on the basis of what segment Psychographics
What should a sport or an event do in order to be successful Satisfy customer wants
A sporting-goods store reviews its sales records to determine if it should continue carrying snowboards. How is the store using the marketing information To make product management decisions
The promoters of an extreme-sports weekend would MOST LIKELY target which demographic group Young men, ages 12-34
Repeated exposure to the largest, most diverse population of people is a benefit of what advertising Out-Of-Home
When a performer expands into international markets, an important consideration for his or her promotional efforts should be to determine often whether which action is necessary Adapt promotional messages for each market
What form of advertising involves a company paying an athlete to appear in a television commercial or newspaper ad Endorsement
Which is a vital promotional technique for entertainment marketing Trailers
After a volleyball player wins a gold medal in the Summer Olympics, a sunscreen manufacturer pays the athlete to appear in its television commercials and magazine advertisements. This is an example of what activity Endorsement
A business wants to create or emphasize positive associations between a specific sport and itself. What type of advertising media should the business consider using? Stadium signage
Advertising copy that states "only 3 days left" is trying to obtain which outcome
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