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SEM Unit 2

Exam Review

What kind of goals should sports or event marketers set if they have the appropriate Realistic
What is one way that sports or event marketers use marketing information To develop new products
When or how should a professional soccer league obtain information about its fans in order to learn about the needs and wants of a target market In a proactive and systematic manner
sporting goods businesses often gather marketing information to accomplica which action Identify trends
A sports or an event organization that wants to obtain information about the population in a certain geographic location might use which source Government Sources
Which is an example of a secondary source of data that a sports or an event marketer can obtain internally Sales report
Which is secondary source of information for a sport or an event Demographic reports
To know what websites and advertisement visitors see, sports and event e-marketers would check which componenet Clickstream data
A sports or an event marketer is having difficulty finding data about a competitor. The financial records of competitors are unavailable for public access. Which disadvantage of secondary research does this situation illustrate It can be incomplete
What type of competitor information is important for sports or event organizations to maintain in a database price lists
what internal records might a business use to analyze information regarding customer satisfaction levels Comment cards
A professional soccer league is considering an expansion team in a certain city. What is the BEST online secondary source to obtain current demographic information about the location Government Census
What type of marketing information might a business obtain by monitoring sales invoices Customer profiles
Which is a reason why businesses should regularly monitor their internal records that contain marketing information To analyze product performance
What information is usually contained in a database about competitors Advertising media
What internal records do many businesses monitor in order to obtain useful marketing information Sales reports
Which might a sports or an event organization search to obtain marketing information The internet
One way for the WSC Swim and Racquet Club to obtain primary information about the quality of its facilities, and the level of its services is by completing which action Surveying the club members
Primary research includes collecting data for which situation The current research project
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