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Resolving Conflict in the Workplace

Industrial Relations The relationship between employee and employer
Pay Claims Demand made by employees to their employer for an increase in pay
Trade Unions An organisation that aims to protect and improve the pay and working conditions of its members
Stop Steward Elected by trade union members and acts as a representative in the workplace
Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) Represents and campaigns on behalf of trade union members in Ireland
Bargaining When employees and managers meet to discuss a wide range of issues including pay
Official Strike When employees refuse to enter into the workplace and perform their normal duties
All-Out Strike All employees in the business go on strike even employees that aren't directly involved
Work to Rule Employees carry out their duties as stated in their contract and they don't carry out other duties.
Token Stoppage Employees refuse to work for a short period of time
Overtime Ban Employees refuse to work overtime this may put employer under a lot pf pressure
Unofficial Strike Employees take strike but do not meet all or some of the requirements of an official strike
Wildcat/Lightening Strike When employees goon strike without informing their employer
Political Strike Employees leave the workplace to protest against governments actions
Negotiation Both parties meet and bargain with each other
Conciliation An independent conciliator listens to both sides of the dispute
Mediation An independent mediator listens to both sides and outlines how they think the problem should be resolved
Arbitration An arbitrator listens to both parties and makes a decision on how the problem should be resolved
Industrial Relations Act 1990 Introduced to improve industrial relations in Ireland and to help resolve disputes
Trade Dispute Relates to disputes between employees and employers
Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) Provides a range of industrial relations services to employers and employees
Labour Court Court of last result for industrial relations aim is to resolve disputes quickly and fairly
Joint Labour Committee (JLC) For employees in certain sectors eg. hairdressing improves pay and working conditions
Unfair Dismissal Act 1977-2015 Introduced to prevent employees being dismissed for unfair reasons
Discrimination Occurs when one person is treated less favorably than another is, has been or would be treated in a comparable situation
Employment Equality Act 1998-2015 Prohibits discrimination in the workplace
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