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Fundamentals - Splee


What does spleen govern? (2 things) Movement and transformation of water and grain, water-damp or fluids
Which bowel decomposes water and grain? stomach
Water-damp is equivalent to? fluids
Physiologically if there are splenic movement and transformation failure what happens? damp, phlegm;rheum, water swelling (edema)
Name 3 evidence of Spleen and Stomach impairment. digestive, abdominal distention, diarrhea
What kind of diarrhea when there is untransformed food in stools? swill diarrhea
How does spleen manages blood? engenders and contains blood
If spleen manages blood, how does spleen engenders blood? spleen is the source of qi and blood formation
If there is spleen qi vacuity what does it leads to? blood vacuity
Spleen manages blood, what leads to bleeding? spleen qi vacuity
Spleen governs _____and limbs? flesh
Flesh and limbs obtain nourishment from? spleen
When there is emaciation, wilting and weakness of limbs, spleen is unable to? nourish flesh and limbs
Spleen opens into the? mouth
Spleen opens in the mouth, if there is spleen vacuity or blockage, how does it affects the mouth? Appetite (low or lost) and taste in mouth (impairment blandness, sweetness, sliminess)
If there is failure to course and discharge, how does that affect the spleen? Inhibit movement and transformation
Relationship of Spleen and Kidney, what are mutually engendering? later heaven and early heaven qi
Life gate fire refers to? Kidney yang
Life gate fire is one of the major motive forces for all ______ in the human body. transformation
What symptoms will be present in the digestive system when there is debility of life gate fire? swill diarrhea
Fluid metabolism refers to what vicera-viscera relationship? spleen-kidney
Spleen relies on what aspect of kidney yang to move and transform water-damp? steaming transformation
Splenic movement and transformation failure can leads to insufficiency of ______ essence. kidney
When you have abdominal distention, sloppy stools emaciation, you have vacuity of? spleen
When you have sore lumbus, slow development in childhood, general lack of health, you have vacuity? kidney
What is tinnitus? How does kidney vacuity lead to tinnitus? Ringing in the ear, Kidney essence affects the sea of marrow (essence engenders marrow) that controls senses
When there's kidney yang vacuity, it is unable to ___ the spleen, which can lead to cold ab. ___, soreness & coldness of the ___ & knees,& 5th watch ___. warm, pain, lumbus, diarrhea
When there is kidney yang vacuity leads to lack of ____transformation for _____ dispersal, which results in water swelling, puffy swelling of limbs,&___-rheum evil. qi, fluid, water
Relationship of Spleen and Stomach, spleen is responsible for movement and ______ and the stomach is responsible for intake and ________. transformation, decomposition
Spleen-Stomach, which one is upbearing and which one is downbearing? What does it upbear and downbear? Spleen upbears, Stomach downbears, Spleen upbears the clear from essence of water and grain and the stomach downbears the turbid.
Spleen-Stomach, which one function better when there is tenderness and lubrication? Which one function better when there is dryness and firmness? stomach, spleen
Spleen-stomach, dampness encumbers which one? spleen
The spleen & stomach hold the office of the granaries, whence the 5 flavors emanate. What is this quote referring to when it mentions “the 5 flavors”? essence of water and grain
When there is disharmony of stomach qi, it leads to what of the spleen? splenic movement and transformation failure
When there is splenic movement and transformation failure, it leads to what of the stomach? stomach intake failure
Abdominal distention; diarrhea; untransformed food in stools result from vacuity of spleen or stomach qi? spleen
Low appetite;nausea and vomiting results from vacuity of spleen or stomach qi? Stomach
qi dynamics are reversed “Clear qi below causes swill diarrhea;turbid qi above causes true distention”, What is going on with the qi dynamics?
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