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AP Lang Final

First semester

Antithesis Placing two opposites next to each other
Periodic sentence A long sentence that is not grammatically correct until the end.
Diction Word choice
Syntax Order of words
Arrangement (Steps) -Intro -Background -Thesis -Main topics -Supporting arguments -Refuting views -Conclusion
Parts of the rhetorical triangle -Audience, subject, author -Purpose/thesis -Rhetorical context
Anaphora Repeating words at the beginning of a phrase
Alliteration Repeating same sounds. Ex: "Curse, Kick, Kill"
What are the three patterns of development? 1. Description 2. Narration 3. Exemplification
Enthymeme A short syllogism. Ex: "I am mortal because I am human"
What are the five canons of rhetoric? 1. Invention 2. Arrangements 3. Style 4. Memory 5. Delivery
Rhetoric The art or science of using language effectively
Syllogism A chain of reasoning -Major premise. Ex: All people are mortal -Minor premise. Ex: I am a person -Conclusion. Ex: Therefore, I am mortal
Ethos pathos logos Ethos: Credibility of the author Pathos: Appeals to audiences emotion Logos: Logic
Who wrote "Shooting Dad"? Sarah Vowell
How were you (affected/effected) by the storm? Were the (affects/effects) serious? Affected Effects
Famous Notorious Famous- Good Notorious- Bad
I have (fewer/less)coins in my purse, but you have (fewer/less) money than I do) Fewer Less
Steven needs to put more sugar (in/into) his cookies next time. Into
Lie and Lay Lie- You do it to yourself (i) Lay- You do it to something
Subjective view Conveys a personal view of your subject
Objective view Straightforward, facts
Denotative language Neutral dictionary meaning
Connotative language Emotionally charged definition and/or meaning
What are the four ways to organize an essay -Spatially -Chronologically -Emphatically -Sensory (uncommon)
A horse and an elephant (are/is)mammals Name the subject. Are Subject: Horse and an Elephant
Hannah and Dot (has/have) been friends for years Name the subject. Have Subject: Hannah and Dot
Neither the singer nor the instrumentalists (was/were) prepared for the performances. Name the subject. Were Subject: Singer nor the instrumentalists`
There (is/are) seven vegetables in the salad Name the subject. Are Subject: Vegetables
Each of the boys (does/do) his own cooking Name the subject. Does Subject: Each
Sue and Maria presented (her/their) reports. Their
The soccer team thanked (it's/their) coach for a great season It's
Who wrote "Devil in the Grove"? Gilbert King
Who wrote "Sister Flowers"? Maya Angelou
Who wrote "Bombs Bursting in Air"? Beth Johnson
Who wrote "Salvation?" Langston Hughes
Who wrote "Shooting an Elephant"? George Orwell
Anecdote A short story
Apostrophe Author talks to someone or something that is obviously not present
Hyperbole Extreme exaggeration
Descriptive Language The vivid expression of what the five senses experience
Why is descriptive writing so powerful? It can be used as a supportive technique or as the main technique used throughout an essay
Narration Telling a single story or several related stories.
What is another name for a thesis in a narrative essay? Narrative Point
What is dramatic license? Using your memory and new perspective to differently describe a previous event in your narrative
Define genre and list the four types of genres A.the type of composition writers produce B.1. Applications 2. Reports 3. Sonnet 4. Fiction
What are six different types of examples that you may use in an essay? Specific names Anecdotes Personal observations Expert opinions Facts Statistics
Which point of view is usually used in exemplification essays? Third-person
What is process analysis? A technique that explains the steps or sequence involved in doing something that satisfies our need to learn as well as our curiosity about how the world works.
When do you use process analysis? When you want to give step by step instructions When you want readers to understand how something happens
What are the two different purposes of process analysis essays? Directional Informational
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